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A. J. Gordon Scholars

Beginning in the 2018–19 academic year, the A. J. Gordon Scholars program will offer an enhanced four-year curriculum focused on “Individuals, Communities and Institutions.” 

The interplay of these three elements has been a cornerstone of the longstanding program, modeled after Dr. Gordon’s contribution to and engagement with his own local communities—the church and the town, its people and its important organizations. As emerging scholars in a variety of disciplines, A. J. Gordon Scholars will explore and develop their own points of influence as they come to understand their strengths and the curiosities that drive them, and the weaving together of learning, leading and faith across their college years.

Individual A. J. Gordon Scholar Experience

With the coaching of program staff advisors, each student creates a personalized learning plan for personal and professional development and chooses from a variety of opportunities including:

  • Academic honors programs
  • Campus leadership and service options
  • Study-away and study-abroad choices
  • Primary academic areas of interest

Some A. J. Gordon Scholars advance their academic pursuits by creating their own Kenneth L. Pike Honors major, while others pursue music, athletics, ministry and entrepreneurial investments.

Collective A. J. Gordon Scholar Experience

Learning is extended through small group experiences with other A. J. Gordon Scholars, on- and off-campus engagement with guests and a variety of local and regional institutions and communities. Together we will:

  • Examine various institutions, including colleges/universities and education in general; the Church and its role in contemporary communities; and both public and private organizations that are serving the common good locally, regionally and nationally. 

  • Explore how Christians have engaged these institutions historically, and how we might do so in the present and in the future.

  • Engage your own unique combination of strengths and curiosities to faithfully extend your learning and leading in college and beyond.

Our goal is to aid each A. J. Gordon Scholar to prepare themselves for a lifetime of personal and professional influence in whatever places God calls them to serve.