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Clarendon Scholars

A four-year honors program

The Clarendon Scholars program prepares students to pursue careers as leaders in cities and urban areas around the country. Recipients are selected based on demonstrated leadership in their school, church, and community, high academic aptitude, and a desire to impact those living in cities and urban areas through their future careers.



Sohenga Depestre

Sohenga Depestre ’17

Doctoral Student (Psychology), William James College
B.A. Psychology, Gordon College

Collegian of the Year, 2017

“Receiving the Clarendon Scholarship basically resembles the joining of a large family filled with brilliant unique individuals who are passionate and natural leaders in their own respect. The spectacular aspect of this community is that the scholars are all caring and willing to pour into those of us just starting to grow and tap into our full potentials. The administration and various faculty members have been phenomenal and truly supportive of our endeavors.”

Kika Ghobrial

Karim Ghobrial ’16

B.A. Biblical and Theological Studies, Gordon College
B.A. Business Administration, Gordon College

Youth Pastor, Arabic Evangelical Baptist Church

“The Clarendon Scholars Program has given me the opportunity to take part in something bigger than myself. The community of Clarendon Scholars pushes each other to strive to become leaders and lends support to one another at all times.”

Qualifications for the Clarendon Honors Program

  • Be a U.S. higher school senior
  • Posses a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Demonstrate a heart for service through leadership in church, community, and school
  • Demonstrate a desire to serve cities and urban environments through a future career



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