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Data Science Major

Data science is among the fastest-growing careers in the United States. In fact, data has been likened to oxygen for businesses of all kinds—helping track customers, predict trends, budget, avoid threats and protect security—and the ability to handle data is now a vital competency. Colleges with data science majors provide a solid foundation for tackling complex data challenges in various industries. So, brush up on Python (and get ready for R), deepen your knowledge of statistics and research methods, and gain hands-on internship experience through the data science major at Gordon College.

Why study data science at Gordon?

As technology continues to evolve (and be relied upon) at breakneck speed, the data science major will equip you to be a competent, agile contributor who can assess what’s happening, what’s needed and what’s right and wrong about the solutions. Our faculty are committed not only to teaching data science, but also to helping you understand how it can inform life and faith. As you develop competency in statistical thinking, mathematical modeling and the use of machine learning software tools, you’ll also learn how to use data to serve others and advance God’s Kingdom. Within a framework of faith, you’ll wrestle with complex issues of ethics and integrity in the field of data science.

What careers can I pursue with a data science major?

A major in data science pairs well with nearly any major leading to careers in biotech, business, economics, marketing and other industries. You’ll be well prepared for graduate school as well as data science or analysis roles.

  • Data science
  • Data analysis
  • Data management
  • Business analysis
  • Bioinformatics

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Experiential learning in data science

Students with a data science major are part of a team that works with data from companies and nonprofits, makes connections with alumni and others working with data, and develops interdisciplinary skills that are in high demand. Many students also choose to participate in other opportunities, such as the Bible Translation Program, which prepares students from a range of majors to use their skills and studies to support Bible translation efforts around the world.


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Sam Mason
Assistant Professor of Data Science
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
P 978 867 4590

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