Graduate Education Courses & Registration

Online synchronous courses take place on Zoom at specific times. These times are stated in the course description and attendance is required. Any synchronous course that does not have stated meeting dates will work to establish meeting dates that accommodate enrolled students. Online asynchronous courses take place on Canvas, which is our learning management system. Learning and work completion takes place at any time, however, students must attend to coursework deadlines stated in course syllabi.

Course Schedules

The graduate academic year is divided into two terms, and each term consists of two sessions. Enrollment status and loans are based on the total credits a student is enrolled for within a term.

Summer/Fall Term (June 24–December 21, 2024)

Winter/Spring Term (January 2–June 22, 2024)

Calendar: Classroom Schedules
To view a calendar of courses in the upcoming semester with classroom locations, click on the Graduate Education Calendar ➔.

Getting Started

Students may begin taking courses and/or apply to the program at any point in the year. Schedules of upcoming courses offered in each session are available in the left navigation bar. Graduate classes do not meet during Massachusetts public school vacations.

Please complete the online form to register for Graduate Education courses. To assist the Graduate Education office and faculty in planning courses, please register at least one week (7 days) before the start of a course. Please contact the with questions or concerns. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Graduate Education Program also offers cohort groups in various locations around the north and metro west Boston area. If you are interested in joining a cohort group or would like to start one in your area, please contact the .

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