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Center for Faith and Inquiry

The Center for Faith and Inquiry is dedicated to forming the thoughtful Christian for global engagement.

Christianity is becoming increasingly cross-cultural. With advances in technology and communications, the gravity of the world’s needs is always before us. The internationalization of the Church, and Christ’s call to care for “the least of these,” compel us at Gordon to become more globally informed and engaged. Additionally, moral relevancy and spiritual subjectivity plague our society, and facts have lost their gravity. Yet the Scripture teaches that truth is objective, and that all ideas are not equal.

For these reasons, at the Center for Faith and Inquiry we seek to bring forward timeless truths, presented well, on the salient issues of our day. Whether the issue at hand is new gene-editing injections, national immigration and security policies, or access to clean water, the need for our global engagement in the name of Christ is as urgent and important now as it has ever been. In the words of Gordon College alumnus and distinguished sociologist James Davison Hunter, “Christians have extraordinary, even unprecedented, opportunities to strategically engage in the world we live in for good.” To do this requires loving God with all of our mind as well as with all of our heart, soul and strength (Matthew 22:37).

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