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25Live Scheduling

25Live Training

All 25Live schedulers are encouraged to watch the training below.  All student schedulers are required to watch the training video and only one person per student club/organization is allowed to submit 25Live requests for that club/organization for the academic year. This training platform records user progress. Students who have completed the training will be permitted to make scheduling requests in 25Live.

Campus Master Calendar Policy and Procedures

Gordon College's central, master calendar is maintained by the Business Development and Scheduling Department using the 25Live scheduling system. The 25Live scheduling system notes major, moderate-sized and minor events taking place on campus in order to avoid conflicts in scheduling and planning by different groups and departments, and to provide a central clearinghouse for events at the College.   

All groups and individuals planning an event register their event into the 25Live scheduling system. To access 25Live, Google Chrome or Firefox browsers are recommended. Log in using your Gordon College username (first name.last name) and then your Gordon College password. 

When submitting an event, please put the actual event start and end times. And then in the “Additional Time” section, please add the appropriate setup and post-event times, as needed. It is particularly important to add Setup and Post-Event times to events that require support from Physical Plant, CTS, and/or Catering.

Students, please remember to put yourself as the “Scheduler” and a faculty or staff member as the “Requestor".

Once the event/space request is received and reviewed for conflicts with events already on the calendar, a confirmation email will be sent back to the event planner to proceed, or to choose an alternate date, time, or venue for the proposed event. Please allow extra time in your planning for the registration/approval process.

If you want to make changes to a reservation (cancel, change locations, dates or times, etc.) please email . Please include the event reference code, which includes the current year and a combination of 6 letters. For example, 2018-AACBHX. The Event Reference code is included in the confirmation email.

For additional help, please email

College-Related Events

The Gordon College Statement on Life and Conduct states that specific behaviors are not permitted at College-related events. A College-related event is any event that is sponsored by the College or groups within the College; any event that is identified with or directly linked to the College or its name. No event that includes participation in activities that are not permitted on the Gordon campus may be advertised or publicized on Gordon's campus. The Gordon College mail service may not be used to distribute invitations or advertising for such an event. For Gordon College faculty, staff, and students, please view our Campus Use Policy. For more information regarding college events, read the "Policies and Procedures for College-Related Events" in the Student Handbook.

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