Tuition Refund Plan Waiver

To Students and Parents:

We want to help you protect your investment. We know that sometimes accidents happen and illness occurs which might result in your needing to withdraw before the semester is completed. In the event that this happens, we want to offer you the option for coverage to minimize the financial loss in the event of illness or injury.

We are pleased to offer an insurance program, the Tuition Refund Plan, which will minimize the financial portion of such a loss. This elective insurance plan provides coverage for tuition and room charges. A. W. G. Dewar, Inc. offers this plan at a cost of $96 per semester for resident students. The cost for commuter students is $81 per semester. The plan does not cover other fees nor is it available to part-time students.

The College’s refund policy already provides a partial refund of tuition through the fourth week of classes, a refund for board on a pro rata basis and no refund of the room cost. But the tuition insurance plan we are offering will assure a 100% refund (60% for mental health withdrawals) of tuition, including a refund of room charges for resident students, in the event of a complete withdrawal under the terms of the Plan.

The downloadable leaflet at fully describes the coverage. To facilitate enrollment in the program, students will be automatically billed for the premium cost. If you do not want coverage, you must complete the form below by August 15 and the premium cost will be removed from your bill. Please call the Student Financial Services Office at 800.343.1379 with any questions.