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Music Performance

The Bachelor of Music degree in Music Performance provides training to prepare students for professional pursuits in the field of music. Because of its emphasis on performance skills, it is suitable for students planning performance careers, studio teaching or graduate study towards a teaching position at the college level.

In addition to Gordon’s Core Curriculum and music survey classes, students will take courses focused on improving their interpretation and technique on their major instrument. Students pursuing the performance degree are required to prepare for and perform adjudicated solo recitals in their junior and senior years.

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Students pursuing this degree are required to earn a total of 136 credits.

Music Performance Course Requirements:
Students majoring in music performance must complete the following music courses:

  • MUS211, 212 Music Theory I, II
  • MUL211, 212 Music Theory Lab I, II
  • MUS221, 222 Music History and Literature I, II
  • MUS245 World Music
  • MUS311 Music Theory III
  • MUL311 Music Theory Lab III
  • MUS315 20th-Century Techniques
  • MUS318 Conducting
  • MUS321–323 Music History and Literature III, IV, V
  • MUS327 Choral Methods and Literature or MUS328 Instrumental Methods and Literature
  • MUS346 Instrumentation and Arranging
  • MUS482 Special Studies in Music
  • Applied music (32 credits/eight semesters)
  • Music electives (20 credits; voice majors must take two semesters of vocal diction)

Meet music major ensemble requirement (eight semesters)
Pedagogical Practices for major instrument
Pass piano and voice proficiency examinations
Successful completion of a junior and senior recital

Core Adjustments for Bachelor of Music in Performance: 
Music performance students receive the following core reductions unless they validate Language I or II (see details below).

  • HIS121 Historical Perspective on Culture, Belief and Civilization
  • Natural World theme
  • Aesthetic Sensibilities and Practices theme (fulfilled by program)
  • Global Understanding theme (reduced by 2 credits; fulfilled by MUS245 World Music)

Core Language Validation: 
If Language I is validated by a placement exam, the student in either the music education or performance program must complete one of the courses waived above. If both Language I and II are validated, the student must complete two of the courses waived above.

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