Global Christianity

The global Christianity concentration is part of the Christian ministries major.

Students studying in the field of Global Christianity will investigate the ministries of God's kingdom around the world with a goal towards understanding where we in the Western world “fit.”  Students examine the biblical foundations of Christianity’s missionary expansion, evaluate the people and movements that have accelerated (and hampered) the spread of the Gospel, and research the greatest issues facing the Global Church.  Students also study to understand multiple cultures and worldviews through researching other world religions as well direct involvement in cross-cultural learning and ministry. Dr. Paul Borthwick provides leadership for the Global Christianity courses and practicum placements. Visit for a complete view of Paul's global ministry endeavors. 

Foundations for Christian Ministries
BCM104  Introduction to Christian Ministries
BCM203  Gospel of Matthew or BCM317 Gospel of John
BCM253  Leadership Theories and Practice (may fulfill the Civic Responsibility Core requirement)
BCM260  Christian Formation & Culture (may fulfill the Human Person Core requirement)
BCM280  Christian Theology (may fulfill the Theology Core requirement)
BCM321  Evangelism and Discipleship
BCM335  Biblical Hermeneutics

Global Christianity
BCM215  Foundations for Global Christianity
BCM216  Contemporary Development in the Global Church
BCM225 Preparation for Missions
BCM314  Survey of World Religions
BCM315 Educational Theories and Methods

Integrative Capstones
BCM425/426  Practicum in Christian Ministries I, II
BCM491  Senior Seminar

BCM215  Foundations for Global Christianity
BCM216  Contemporary Issues in the Global Church
BCM225  Preparation for Missions (2 credits)
BCM314  Survey of World Religions
BCM317  Gospel of John or BCM203 Synoptic Gospels
BCM321  Evangelism and Discipleship
BCM427  Missions Practicum (0-8 credits)