Health Center

Physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental well-being.

The Health Center is here to help you develop a balanced approach to your well-being and guide you in incorporating healthy activities into your life. The Health Center serves as an opportunity to maintain your health and increase your knowledge and awareness in the prevention of illness and injury.

Being in good health is of the utmost importance to maintaining quality of life. A healthy lifestyle includes the following four components:

  • A Healthy Body - diet, exercise, rest, disease prevention
  • A Healthy Mind - fun, relaxation, stress management, exercise
  • A Healthy Spirit - worship, prayer, meditation, devotion
  • A Healthy Environment - social supports, community involvement, personal safety
A lack of attention in any one area will affect your overall good health.

Health Services
Please remember that the Student Health Center is open to all registered Gordon students. You may visit as often as needed. There is no charge for asking a question or seeing a nurse; however if you see the doctor or nurse practitioner, your student account will be billed for $15.00.

The Health Center provides timely, accessible, and confidential health care to you. Their goal is to minimize the amount of time a student loses from class due to illness.

The Health Care Team
The Gordon College Student Health Center has a team of dedicated health care professionals  who understand the myriad of health questions and needs of the college population.