Connect to Email

Microsoft's Office 365 provides a powerful email package enabling users to access mail, calendar, contacts, and to-do lists all from the Outlook Desktop app, on the web, or your mobile devices.

The web address for accessing your email online is:

Please note, your user name is your

Apple Users: Please do not use Safari the first time you sign into your account as many users have reported errors when they first setup their account. Once you log in the first time, Safari should work.

If you are new to Gordon College and have not previously set up an email account, you will need to log into your new email account through a browser before connecting to it through an email client or mobile device.

If you use Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, a smart phone, or a tablet to connect to your email account, or if you wish to forward your Gordon account to another email, please follow the instructions below. Please note, Web Access ( is the only supported method for Alumni to check their Gordon email account. Other options are provided below for faculty/staff and current students, and should work fine for alumni, but are not supported by CTS.

Configuring Outlook 2016 for Gordon Email

 For PC users, follow the instructions provided by Microsoft here.

For Mac users, follow the instructions provided by Microsoft here

Smart Phones/Tablets/Other Devices

Please go to this link for Microsoft's help page:

To Forward Your Gordon Account to Another Email Account

If you wish to redirect all incoming email from your Gordon account to another account, you can set up a mail rule. Once you log into, click on OPTIONS (top right) and pick "Create an inbox rule." Click "New" and for DO THE FOLLOWING pick "redirect the message to" and enter the email address you want your Gordon email redirected to.

Getting an Alumni Account

If you are an alumni, you can fill out the form located here.

Configuring Apple Mail with your Gordon Exchange EMail Account

 Please follow these instructions for connecting Apple Mail to Gordon email.

  1. Click on the System Preferences icon in the Dock or by clicking the Apple icon in the top toolbar and selecting System Preferences from the dropdown menu
  2. Choose "Internet Accounts"
  3. Click on "Exchange" from the column of account types on the right
  4. In the fields provided type your name, full Gordon email address, and password then click "Continue"
  5. Confirm the Account Summary by clicking "Continue"
  6. On the next screen you can choose which apps to use alongside your Gordon account then click "Done"
  7. Launch Apple Mail by clicking the Apple Mail icon in the Dock

If you have any further questions please call CTS 978.867.4500