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Biochemistry Concentration

Infuse your chemistry studies with molecular biology to prepare for a career in medicine, agriculture, biotechnology or the environment. Maybe you’re interested in determining the causes of diseases, analyzing the impact of nutrition and pharmaceutical drugs on cells in the body, or identifying the effects of pollutants on wildlife. Through the biochemistry concentration (chemistry major), you’ll explore how our bodies and our physical world work.

Why study chemistry at Gordon?

At Gordon, chemistry and creation care are inseparable. Motivated by our Christian call to be good stewards, Gordon has been a pioneer in the field of green chemistry—meaning we practice sustainable chemistry that is safe for humans and the environment. Just as chemistry is central to the sciences, research is central to chemistry. You’ll do research projects with our expert faculty in our growing state-of-the-art lab spaces, and have opportunities to pursue and present additional research around the country.

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What careers can I pursue with a biochemistry concentration (chemistry major)?

Chemists are curious, analytical thinkers with a propensity for problem-solving. They also tend to be strong communicators, collaborators and leaders—important traits in any field. You can tailor your studies within the chemistry major and related programs to achieve your goals.

  • Research
  • Environmental chemistry
  • Teaching
  • Biotechnology
  • Public health
  • Pharmacy
  • Medicine

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Molly Enright

Molly Enright ’15

Program Manager, Beyond Benign

“The mentoring relationships with the faculty, especially the chemistry faculty and my research advisor Dr. Jennifer Noseworthy, really encouraged me to really ask myself what I am interested in and to pursue those things, even when it wasn't easy. Performing independent research challenged me to take responsibility for my own learning and investigate how I can use my interests to solve real problems.” Hear from others ➔


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As a chemistry major, you’ll join a tight-knit community that gathers regularly for meals at faculty homes, attends chemistry lectures and events, and hosts annual Christmas and graduation parties. Many students also choose to participate in other opportunities outside the classroom:

Global Opportunities

Take your chemistry studies into a new context through short-term and semester-long programs around the globe.

Related Programs

It’s common for chemistry majors to add a minor in environmental studies or a second major (or minor) in biology, math or physics. Others may take advantage of the wide range of programs offered through Gordon’s liberal arts curriculum and pursue additional studies in a non-science field, such as business or pre-law.


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Irv Levy
Department of Chemistry Chair

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