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The Tupper Writing Center

Welcome to The Tupper Writing Center at Gordon College!

Anyone who says writing is easy is selling you a book you don’t want to buy. The Tupper Writing Center at Gordon College exists because writing—in all its many forms—challenges us every time we endeavor to do it well. The Tupper Writing Center’s peer tutors can help you in all phases of your writing process. Not familiar with your writing process? We can help with that, too.  

Although we don’t do proofreading, we can help with any of the following:

  • Clarifying the expectations of a writing assignment 
  • Outlining and brainstorming the early phases of a draft 
  • Searching for sources and evaluating their credibility and relevance 
  • Addressing issues of clarity and organization 

How do tutorials work?

1. Tutorials take place over Zoom.
Why? During the pandemic, the risks of in-person tutorials are too high, and the logistics of maintaining social distance in a physical writing center are not feasible. Stay safe.

2. Tutorials are by appointment only.
Why? Because you have work to do before your tutorial. Specifically, you have a form to fill out before you arrive, and that form asks you detailed questions that must be answered thoroughly before the tutorial begins.

3. Tutorials are thirty minutes long.
Why? Because a lot will get done in thirty minutes, given the preparation you will do ahead of time.

4. Your tutorial must address an assignment or project that is due more than twenty- four hours after your tutorial.
Why? Because the tutors will be helping you with the big-picture concerns of your writing project, such as brainstorming and pre-writing strategies, feedback on essay drafts, and documentation of sources. When an assignment is due in less than twenty-four hours, the window has already closed for getting someone else’s feedback on these big-picture concerns. Tutors will not proofread your paper. 

5. You may have a maximum of one session per day. 
Why? Because by the end of your session, you and the tutor will have identified fresh perspectives and strategies through which you will make progress on your writing. Your job, after the tutorial, is to employ those fresh perspectives and strategies. 

View the Tupper Writing Center schedule to see available appointment times. Because appointments may fill up, please plan ahead.