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U.S. Visa Documents

Thank you for visiting www.gordon.edu/visa — your resource for all forms and items related to your F-1 international student status in the U.S. Please work with Ms. Caroline Dixon () on anything listed here; she is the Director of International Initiatives and Operations, and she is the SEVIS PDSO for Gordon College. 

Undergraduate F-1 Students

Master's-Level F-1 Students

All F-1 Students

  • Transfer a SEVIS Record to Gordon College
  • RCL: Reduced Course Load
  • CPT: Curricular Practical Training
  • OPT: Optional Practical Training - including the application checklist 
  • SEVIS I-901 Fee 
  • U.S. Embassies - find "consular services" for "nonimmigrant visas" 
  • Airport Customs in Boston
  • Secondary Inspection
  • I-94 - lookup your most-recent entry into the U.S.
  • Maintaining Status
  • SSN: Social Security Number
    • Apply for an on-campus job at Handshake.
    • Ask your new boss for a Job Offer Letter (must be printed on paper and signed). Here is an example: Job Offer Letter.
    • Email Caroline a picture of your Job Offer Letter, and she will make you an SSN Request Letter.
    • Go to Student Employment to complete all New Hire Paperwork
    • Email Ingrid to get a blank SSN Office form and complete it. Here is an example: Application for Social Security Card
    • Follow Ingrid's instructions to either [A] mail your paperwork, or [B] get a ride to visit the Social Security Office.
  • RMV: Proof of Residency Letter
    • Email Caroline to ask, and include your current U.S. address, including ZIP Code.
  • Visitor Invitation
    • Email Caroline to ask, and include information about the visitor: full name, date of birth, passport country, relation to you the student, reason he/she is visiting, approximate length of stay in the U.S. (in weeks), and the month he/she plans to arrive in the U.S.
  • Taxes and Reporting Obligations 
    • Overview: Tax Workshop WORKSHEETF-1 TaxesFree Resources
    • Professional Help: www.sprintax.com/gordon Sprintax is the company that we recommend for complex tax preparation (e.g., married not single; working in multiple states; taking advantage of a tax treaty; amending or completing a form from a previous year).  
    • Calculating Days in U.S.: Look up your I-94 Travel History and use the Date-to-Date Calculator (check "include end date").
    • Forms: Form 8843 (all F-1, even if did not work), Form 1040NR (all F-1 who worked in U.S.), Massachusetts Form 1-NR/PY (all F-1 who worked in Massachusetts and earned at least $4,400). Find "true tax owed" on the federal tax table and the Massachusetts tax table. Your income is listed in Box 1 of your W2 from your employer (Student Worker W2 lookup: employee self-service, click "Sign Up," company = Gordon, and if it doesn't work then you need to email Student Payroll for help). 1042-S for a taxable scholarship. 1095-B and 1099-HC from American health insurance company.
    • "0" or "1" on the W4: Entering "0" on the W4 tells your employer to withold some of your earned income on each paycheck, and you might get a tax refund in April.  Entering "1" on the W4 tells your employer to withold nothing, and you will have to personally save 10-15% of your income, in case you need to pay U.S. taxes.  

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