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Ted Hildebrandt

Professor of Biblical Studies

B.A. State University of New York
M.Div., S.T.M. Biblical Theological Seminary
M.A., Ph.D. Grace Theological Seminary


Ted Hildebrandt retired in 2020 after 42 years of teaching—at Graham Bible College in Tennessee, Grace College and Seminary in Indiana, and, since 1999, at Gordon.

Ted teaches Old and New Testament History and Literature as well as first-year Greek. He taught for two decades at Grace College and Seminary in Indiana and for much of that time in the maximum security prison at Michigan City. His areas of scholarly endeavor are in the Hebrew poetic books, and particularly Psalms and Proverbs. Currently, he is focusing on and experimenting with making evangelical biblical studies scholarship and courses available online in varied digital formats including text, audio, video, avatar-based animation, virtual reality, and interactive forms. The Digital American Standard Version of the Bible in text, audio, and visual commentary is his latest digital creation. He has four adult children (two daughters–one involved in politics, the other a nurse practitioner—and two sons–one a software engineer, the other a U.S. Marine) and an amazingly patient and supportive wife. Please visit Dr. Hildebrandt's personal website at: Biblical eLearning.  As for hobbies, he enjoys photography, exploring new technologies, and cultivating the soil to grow flowers, vegetables, and trees, as his family has done for generations.