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10 - 11 am


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How People Heal

From child abuse to wartime terror, trauma is a shared human experience. Join us as we embark on a journey toward understanding what trauma does to mind, body, and society - and how it can be healed. Featuring stories of survivors of wars in Croatia and Bosnia, this project focuses on the individual level of analysis as it pertains to post-conflict recovery. Inspired by the human heart's incredible capacity to heal from unimaginable wounds, this project fuses personal testimonies with comprehensive research of politics, psychology, and embodied experiences of traumatic stress to emphasize the importance of a trauma-informed approach to post-conflict transformation.


Participants: Keanna Smigliani and Dr. James Taylor

11 - 12 pm


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A dozen-and-a-half raconteurs seek a lively audience for a podcast recording of audio essays (à la Tig Notaro), live confessions (à la Mike Birbiglia), radio mini-docs (à la Ira Glass) and uncategorizable (à la Improv Everywhere)--all circling the theme of Courage/Crisis. Featuring a Story Slam! Several audience members will be plucked to recount a three-minute tale about courage/crisis for various rewards. Audience participation is inevitable.


Previous events/recordings are here:

https://soundcloud.com/publicstory/kum-ba-yah-1  https://soundcloud.com/publicstory/pivot


Participants: Elena Blaisdell, Agnes Brown, Achelle Charles, Ammielle Charles, Quentin Goke, Krissa Hill, Jessica Kuznicki, Alyssa Leston, Matt Lewis, Michael Mitts, Mary Stuart Murray, Christian Nigro, Zech Pagppageorge, Mikee Parangalan, Ellie Pence, Joshua Williams, Alex Williamson, Mark Wacome Stevick

12 - 1 pm


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Clarendon Scholars: Impact Through Adversity

Our presentation aims to highlight the racial adversity and perseverance of the students enrolled in the Clarendon Scholars program by displaying the answers of a survey study of the previous experience of alumni Clarendon's as well as current Clarendons at Gordon. The presentation will use these survey answers to highlight the struggles of the diverse community of Clarendons at Gordon along with the way that they used their campus influence in order to persevere and create a better experience for those to come. Through our presentation, we want to display the importance of the program and the contributions it has made not only to Gordon but to the education of students on campus and around the community.


Participants: Ari Dospassos, Noah Galiffi-Caster, David Bello, Nathaniel Boyer, Savannah Cortez, Shineika Fareus, Naomi Vargas, Joanna Echtenkamp, Marcus Retegues, Yicaury Melo

1 - 2 pm


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Courageous Scholarly Perseverance in Crisis & Lessons from a Greek New Testament Manuscript

In an era when the study of the past is often overlooked in favor of devoting time and energy to present crises, it is more important than ever to understand the lessons that the past can teach about courageous perseverance in scholarly endeavors during a crisis. Examples include the teaching of C.S. Lewis during World War II, the refugees who rekindled the study of Greek in the Renaissance West after fleeing the fall of Byzantium, and Martin Luther’s translation of the Greek New Testament in temporary exile. In this presentation, Rebecca Leslie will share the research journey that was begun in Spring 2019 to examine Gordon College’s Vining Collection Byzantine-era Greek New Testament manuscript under the supervision of Dr. Graeme Bird. In addition to a summary of how the manuscript analysis is being conducted, the presentation will also highlight distinctives of this Gospel manuscript, the search for possible textual variants and their implications, and how the production and survival of this manuscript are an inspiring example of the importance of persevering in scholarship during crisis.


Participants: Rebecca Leslie and Dr. Graeme Bird

2 - 3 pm


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JAF Post-Debate Discussion

Join us for a post-debate discussion of the 17th annual JAF debate on the resolution: "Humanity should not embrace the 'de-extinction' of species". Hear from the JAF participants about their debate experience, and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the JAF debate process in this Q&A discussion of the topics and arguments.


Participants: Jacob Gerwig, Baraka Kamau, Jay Kum, Madelyn Miyares, Sam Paquette, Josh Powell, Jasmine Rupani, John Skoog, Emma Vande Brake, Ginny Vienneau, Kate Walker, Grace Zhao, Serafina Zotter

4:30 - 5:30 pm


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The Virtue of Courage, The Power of Love

Dr. Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung, Professor of Philosophy at Calvin University, will give the keynote address for Symposium.

Many cultural ideals, both ancient and modern, glorify action-adventure heroes and human prowess. But Christian thinkers and writers approach the virtue of courage differently. How should we handle our fear? And how do other virtues—love, hope, and humility—help shape our fear in Christlike ways?

In this talk, Dr. DeYoung will explore these questions, and offer suggestions for how to practice courage as a Christian virtue, using insights from Aristotle and Aquinas and examples from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

All Day

Visual Art Display in KOSC 102

You See What

You Want

You see what you want. Not what is there, we are more than you see. This is an oil painting of James Baldwin who was a black activist, writer and poet in the 1970’s and 80’s. His work was focused on bringing attention to the dehumanization of marginalized groups. He is best known for his essays, plays, and novels focused on race in America, such as Giovanni’s Room, Notes of the Native Son, Nobody Knows my Name, and The Fire Next Time. I was inspired to dive into the humanity of James Baldwin because of his dedication to piercing through the prejudice in America towards marginalized groups.


Participants: Elizabeth Barnes, Shari Soza, Maxwell Kane, Mariah Brecheisen, Dan Tymann, Nicholas Rowe, and Yicaury Melo