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On first reference, use Gordon College.

In subsequent references, Gordon and the College both are acceptable.

Lowercase college when it

  • modifies another noun
  • refers to colleges in general
  • makes a second reference to another college

The College lays out its theological stance in an official Statement of Faith, which is posted on the college website.

Few first-year students know what to expect of their college experience.

Westmont College's size won't increase. Town officials have capped that college's enrollment.

Occasional references in formal College documents and alumni materials should use this style:  the United College of Gordon and Barrington.



Generic references to locations and events on campus (noun), on-campus (adj.) events, and/or things taking place around campus are generally fine. Never refer to a "main campus."

New buildings or other facilities should be referred to as additions to the institution, not the campus.

As a rule, references to the campus need not mention the Fowler naming. Occasional references in formal college documents should use this style:

the Dale E. and Sarah Ann Fowler Campus

Locations on campus

Spell, space and capitalize as below. On second reference, it's fine to use the building's name only (without building or hall, as in Lane), or the abbreviations and nicknames in parentheses.

A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel (the chapel, lowercased)

Barrington Center for the Arts

Bennett Athletic and Recreation Center

Bromley Hall

the Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness

Chase Hall

Conrad Hall

Dexter House

Drew Hall

Evans Hall

Ferrin Hall

Frost Hall

Fulton Hall

Gedney House

Grace Hall

Hilton Hall

Jenks Learning Resource Center

Jenks Library

Ken Olsen Science Center (KOSC)

Lane Student Center

Lewis Hall

MacDonald Hall

MacInnis Hall

Nyland Hall

the Outdoor Education Building

Phillips Recital Hall

the Physical Plant building, the Physical Plant and Design Center building

Phillips Music Center

Rider Hall

Rodger Reception Center

Shields House (no "the")

Tavilla Hall

the Village (includes Conrad Hall, Grace Hall, Gedney Hall, Rider Hall, MacInnis Hall)

Wilson Hall

Wilson House (the President's house)

5 Hull Street

16 Hull Street

26 Hull Street

Other facilities, locations and natural features
If the is absent below, omit it when mentioning these campus locations.

On second reference, it's fine to use the abbreviations and nicknames in parentheses, capitalized (or not) as shown.

Academic Success Center

the Barrington Cinema

the bell

Bistro Two Fifty-five

Brigham Athletic Complex Field

Brigham Athletic Complex Tennis Courts

the Career and Connection Institute

the Center for Faith and Inquiry

the chapel parking lot, the chapel lot

Chester's Place

Coy Pond

the Center for Student Counseling and Wellness

the Gallery at Barrington Center for the Arts (the gallery)

Gavin Intramural Field (the intramural field)

the Gordon College Bookstore (the bookstore)

Gillies Lounge

Gull Pond

Harmeling Physical Therapy

the Health Center

J. Tec White Field

the La Vida Activity and Training Center (on second reference, ATC)

the La Vida rock gym

MacDonald Auditorium (in KOSC)

the mailroom

the Margaret Jensen Theatre (the Jensen Theatre; the black box theater)

the Office of Student Life 

the Phillips Walkway (from the bell, past KOSC and Phillips)

the quad

the ropes course

the softball field

the Tavilla Lounge

Tupper Hall

Woodland Parking Lot (the Woodland lot) 


Capitalize (but don't italicize or use quotation marks around) official names of Gordon College:

  • academic departments and divisions
  • administrative departments and offices
  • courses (using arabic numerals if the course name includes a number)
  • programs
  • buildings and officially-named facilities within them
  • named series of lectures or other events
  • the word College, when it names Gordon College

Lowercase (without italics or quotation marks):

  • names of majors, minors and concentrations (capitalize proper nouns)
  • the word college when it refers to colleges in general, or makes a second reference to a college other than Gordon

the Department of Kinesiology

the Division of Fine Arts  

the Registrar's Office

Beginning Spanish 1

Lane Student Center

Conversations with the President

Gordon College

the College

the college campus

the sport, recreation and wellness major

the biochemistry concentration

Consult the "Gordon Dictionary" to find specific names and terms ➔


Gordon Presidential Fellows program   

  • Always include the word Gordon.
  • Capitalize as shown here.
  • Refer to a student in this program as a Gordon Presidential Fellow (always include the word Gordon).

The names of some Gordon College programs include unusual capitalization or punctuation. Use the styles below.

Gordon in Orvieto

The Great Conversation

Connect with Gordon