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Leave of Absence & Withdrawal

Leave of Absence & Withdrawal


Resident students who desire to take a leave of absence for one or two semesters, or withdraw must complete the online process through their resident director. Commuter students may contact the Office of Student Life. During school breaks, any student may contact for help with this process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A student who leaves school without completing the official leave of absence or withdrawal process will be considered to have withdrawn, and will be required to apply for readmission if he or she later wishes to return to the College.


When a student withdraws or takes a leave of absence, and his or her account has a balance due, it must be paid in full. If a student withdraws and full payment cannot be made at that time, the student must enroll in a Non-Current Student Payment Plan with AutoPay, through Transact Integrated Payments (automatic monthly deductions from a checking account or credit card). If the student fails to do so, the College may charge interest at the rate of 1.25 percent per month (15 percent annually), or refer the account to an outside collections agency. All collection fees are charged to the student. If the student withdraws or takes a leave of absence during the first four weeks of a semester, the established refund percentage will apply as stated in the College catalog. Processing a credit refund takes approximately two weeks.

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