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Policies and Procedures for College-Related Events

College-Related Events & Facilities


The Gordon College Statement on Life and Conduct states that specific behaviors are not permitted at College-related events.

A College-related event is any event that is sponsored by the College or groups within the College; any event that is identified with or directly linked to the College or its name.

No event that includes participation in activities that are not permitted on the Gordon campus may be advertised or publicized on Gordon’s campus. The Gordon College mail service may not be used to distribute invitations or advertising for such an event.

Campus Master Calendar Policy and Procedures

  • Gordon College’s calendar for all campus events is maintained by the Business Development and Scheduling Department using the 25Live scheduling system. The 25Live scheduling system notes major, moderate-sized and minor-sized events taking place on campus in order to avoid conflicts in scheduling and planning by different groups and departments, and to provide a central clearinghouse for events at the College.

Registering Your Event and Reserving Campus Facilities

All groups and individuals planning an event must register their event into the 25Live scheduling system. To access 25Live, Google Chrome or Firefox browsers are recommended. Login using your Gordon College username (first name.last name), and then your Gordon College password.

Once the event/space request is received and reviewed for conflicts with events already on the calendar, notice will be sent back to the event planner to proceed, or to choose an alternate date, time or venue for the proposed event. Please allow extra time in your planning for the registration/approval process.

The event registration process must be completed and the event approval notification received before

• You confirm any event dates for advertising.

• You reserve any campus services such as Gordon Police, CTS, or Physical Plant in support of your event. Please submit requests to Catering for an event concurrently with your 25Live space request.

Registered events will be posted to the 25Live website for access by the campus community and beyond. This not only aids other groups as they plan around upcoming events; it also provides the community with access to a variety of planned student, departmental and campus events hosted at Gordon College.

Off-campus groups and individuals must make arrangements to use campus facilities through the Director of Business Development and Scheduling.

For more information contact the Business Development and Scheduling Department at x4288.


Any individual or group desiring to advertise/promote on campus MUST have their event registered before gaining permission to post notices and announcements for on-campus events. Posters and signs must also be approved by the Office of Student Life and/or the Design Center. Once approved, the Office of Student Life or the Design Center will apply an electronic stamp on the document. If you are using the Design Center to print your advertisement, please fill out the Copy & Print form here: https://www.gordon.edu/startaproject. If you are printing outside of the Design Center, please email an electronic PDF of the advertisement to the Office of Student Life at [email protected]. Event organizers will be notified within three days whether their advertisement has or has not been approved. Posters or advertisements that have not been approved, or that advocate or encourage conduct not in keeping with the College Life and Conduct Statement, will be taken down immediately. Any advertisement must be taken down by the sponsoring group within two days after the event has taken place. 

In order to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of Lane Student Center, signs may only be posted on an approved bulletin board or on the pillar outside the Catering office (not on glass, doors, mirrors, walls or any varnished surface). Tupper Hall may be used only to post signs that pertain to encouraging an athlete or candidate, congratulating one on a birthday, etc. Advertisements pertaining to business or sales are not permitted in Tupper Hall.

Bulletin boards in Lane are designated for specific information or groups and may not be used to post notices which contain other information. Examples of these specific bulletin boards are those of the Gordon College Student Association, Gordon College Student Ministries, Fine Arts, Campus Events Council, ALANA, and Multicultural Initiatives Office.

Additionally, advertisements may be posted on the Phillips Music Center bulletin boards, in the Ken Olsen Science Center stairwell (Phillips side only), and in Frost Hall on sponsoring academic department bulletin boards.

In the Jenks Library, advertisements may be posted in the front entrance, in the stairwell between the first and second floors, on the bulletin board outside of the Gregory Auditorium (Jenks 237), and on the third floor bulletin board (near CTS). Please ask at the circulation desk or email [email protected] for approval before placing table tents, flyers or cards in the library. All signs, flyers and table tents must be approved by the Office of Student Life. 

An approval stamp is not required for advertisements posted in the residence halls, but you must have approval from the Resident Director in that hall before posting.

On bulletin boards, push pins may be used to post signs. On any other surface, signs must be posted with “Sticky Tak.” Use of tape for posting signs is strictly prohibited.


Use of candles, including birthday candles, is prohibited in all residence hall areas. Candles may be used in other campus buildings for religious purposes only as outlined below. Candles may only be used in buildings and areas equipped with a fire sprinkler system.

Use of Candles at Special Events

In order to minimize the possibility of a fire occurring due to the use of candles at College-sponsored activities, the following policy will be followed at events held on the campus of Gordon College:

Dining Events: Candles are no longer permitted at dining events unless they are battery-activated with a simulated flame.

Candle-Use Permission: Anyone desiring to use candles for a religious service must first contact Physical Plant. The Director of Physical Plant, the fire system officer, or the chief of police. The person who obtains the permission must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Verify they are the person in charge of the event.
  • Verify they will be attending the event while candles are in use.
  • Indicate knowledge of fire extinguishers nearest to the location of candle use.
  • Provide proof they know how to use an extinguisher.
  • Obtain a Fire Extinguisher Training Certificate by navigating to www.fireextinguisher.com and successfully completing the exam at the end of training; print the certificate and send it to the EHS Office at Physical Plant.
  • Attend one of the Fire Extinguisher hands-on training sessions held each semester.

For more information contact Physical Plant.

Religious Services: Candles may be used for religious services as long as their use conforms to the following:

  • Burning candles must be securely placed in suitable fireproof holders designed for this purpose (e.g., metal candlesticks, menorah or similar holder).
  • Candle holders must be placed on a solid non-flammable surface, a minimum of six feet from a window, drapery, bookshelves, non-flame-retardant tablecloths, etc.
  • Burning candles may never be left unattended.
  • If candles are to be held in the hand while lit, the provisions of the section concerning “Candlelight Services” must be followed.

Candlelight Services: Hand-held candles may be used for religious services as long as they conform to the following:

  • Only dripless type candles may be used as hand-held candles.
  • Drip protectors/guards must be attached to all hand-held candles.
  • Hand-held candles must be extinguished before being set down in any way.
  • Candles must be extinguished before exiting the function room.
  • Suitable fireproof receptacles will be provided for disposing of the extinguished candles after the event.


The use of drones on Gordon College properties is prohibited without prior written authorization from the Business Development and Scheduling Department. Due to the college’s proximity with Beverly Airport, prior coordination and communication is required with the FAA and all requests for drone use must be requested at least 30 days in advance of usage.


All dances (or events including dances), should be conducted in a manner that upholds the behavioral standards outlined in the College’s Life and Conduct Statement. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects biblical standards of character. No music should promote values or behaviors which contradict the College’s Life and Conduct Statement.

All dances (or events including dances) must be approved by the Director of Student Activities. Please email date, time, location, hosting organization, and purpose of the event for which you are seeking a Dance permit directly to the Director of Student Activities.


While Gordon doesn’t have a dress code as such, it is expected that all students will dress in reasonably neat and clean apparel with consideration for modesty and biblical standards of holiness and purity. Footwear must be worn to all classes, chapel services, convocations, meals and faculty and administrative offices.


Passenger vans are available from Physical Plant for College-related or College-sponsored events only. Approved drivers can make reservations using an online form located on the campus website. Instructions, policies and rates are also available online.


The College supports and encourages efforts to raise funds for approved ministry, department, academic and student organization efforts, particularly from off-campus sources (friends, family and home church). Fundraising policies have been developed in order to be sensitive to members of the community and to be in compliance with IRS regulations. The College encourages student participation in charitable and humanitarian efforts; however, fundraising is limited on campus due to the size of our community, prior College commitments, and the multitude of requests each year. Community members are encouraged to explore other avenues of charitable giving such as the donation of their time and talent. Contact the Academic Advisor or Program Director as well as the Advancement Office to seek approval BEFORE initiating any fundraising projects.

All fundraising efforts must be approved, whether or not contributions qualify as charitable deductions. Gordon will not provide lists of alumni and/or donors for solicitation. The College carefully coordinates fundraising requests among alumni, parents and friends; therefore it is our policy to never lend or distribute lists for solicitations not initiated or overseen by the Advancement Office.

After receiving approval from your academic advisor, contact the Advancement Office by phone at 978.867.4900 or email .

  • Student travel teams (academic, mission, music, sports, etc.).
  • Any campus group desiring to solicit businesses for products or donations.
  • Any fundraiser which involves charitable receipts.
  • Appeals for the Faculty/Staff or Student Emergency Fund.

All fundraising activities (on and off campus) must be approved by the department listed above. Fundraising activities must be approved at least four weeks prior to your event.


  • Solicitation by or for off-campus charities or organizations (for goods, products, services or cash donations).
  • Door-to-door solicitation for cash, coins, etc., in the residence halls, classrooms or offices.
  • Raffles.
  • Email solicitations (only approved fundraisers can be advertised via email or Student News).
  • Donations from campus departments in lieu of payment for hours worked for a regular student employment position.
  • Selling products or services in which a percentage of the sales goes back to the sponsoring organization, i.e., magazine subscriptions, credit cards, etc.


Vendors from off campus are not permitted to sell items on Gordon’s campus without the approval of the Director of Business Development and Scheduling. Students are not permitted to sponsor parties at which items will be sold.


All clubs and other organizations wishing to receive a charter from the Gordon College Student Association must seek approval from either the Dean of Student Engagement and Leadership or the VP of Student Life. The Vice President for Student Life will ensure that the club or organization’s stated purpose and goals do not conflict with the mission and core values of Gordon College. If approved by the Dean or the Vice President, the organization may seek a charter by following the process outlined in the Gordon College Student Association By-Laws. Approval by the Dean or the Vice President for Student Life does not presuppose or guarantee final approval by the Gordon College Student Association. Groups wishing to appeal the Dean or the Vice President of Student Life’s decision may do so in writing to the President.


The challenge course is considered a Gordon College facility and is only to be used by supervised groups which are organized by the La Vida Center and specifically cleared by the La Vida Center Office. In order to ensure safety, the following regulations pertain to the challenge course area:

  1. There is no trespassing in the challenge course area.
  2. Camping, jogging or the lighting of fires is not permitted in the challenge course area at any time.
  3. The use of bicycles, snowmobiles, motorcycles, automobiles, horses, etc., is not permitted in the challenge course area at any time.
  4. Students in violation of these regulations will be referred for discipline to the Office of Student Life.

Please report any violations of these regulations to the La Vida Center as soon as possible so we can keep the challenge course and its related programs safe.


No one is allowed in the Rock Gym unless it is open and supervised by a Rock Gym staff member on duty OR they are a Rock Gym staff/volunteer/club leader with explicit permission from the manager to use the Rock Gym during off hours.

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