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Boston Symphony Brass Quintet - Gordon College

... Elizabeth Ostling, flute John Ferrillo, oboe Thomas Martin, clarinet Alina Polyakov,
piano Jeremy Begbie, composer/piano Performing the world premiere of his ...
www.gordon.edu/bsowoodwinds - 22k

Woodwind Faculty - Gordon College

... Musica Viva and the Gordon ... more ➔. View Profile. Angela Limoncelli. Applied
Instructor of Oboe. Angela Limoncelli joined the Gordon ...
www.gordon.edu/woodwindfaculty - 21k

Angela Limoncelli - Gordon College

... Angela Limoncelli. Applied Instructor of Oboe. Send Email. BM The Boston
Conservatory MM Mannes College. Areas of expertise: oboe. About: ...
www.gordon.edu/angelalimoncelli/ - 11k

Suggested Audition Repertoire - Gordon College

... Oboe Major and harmonic minor scales up to four sharps and four flats covering the
practicable range; chromatic scale over the practicable range. ...
www.gordon.edu/music/repertoire - 19k

Music Application - Gordon College

The online version of the Gordon Music Application.
www.gordon.edu/music/application - 39k

Seven Nights of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night | The Bell

... Flautist Nathan Gosselin was joined by Mark Rainey ’18 on guitar, Danielle Kunis
’16 playing the oboe, and Willens Jean-Jules ’17 on trumpet. ...
stories.gordon.edu/seven-nights-of-shakespeares-twelfth-night/ - 39k

[PDF] Gordon College Graduate Course Catalog

Page 1. GORDON COLLEGE GRADUATE EDUCATION 255 Grapevine Road, Wenham MA 01984
Graduate Education: T 978 867 4322 F 978 867 4737 Graduate ...
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?id=1827 - 2011-10-21

[PDF] Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2010–2011 G OR dOnC OLLEGE 20 10 ...

Page 1. Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2010–2011 G OR d O nC OLLEGE 20
10–20 11 Page 2. The UniTed College of gordon and BarringTon ...
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?id=1401 - 2010-03-01