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Elaine Phillips - Gordon College

... addition to field study in Israel, her areas of interest and scholarly writing include
the books of Exodus and Esther, biblical wisdom literature, and rabbinic ...
www.gordon.edu/elainephillips - 14k

Christian Ministries and Biblical Studies Double Major - Gordon ...

... the Bible; BCM 325 - Wisdom Literature; BCM 330 - Persecution to
Empire:Theology, Politics, and Culture in Early Christianity; BCM ...
www.gordon.edu/cmnbible-double - 19k

Denver Seminary Advanced Standing - Gordon College

... BCM 101 Old Testament and BCM 211 Pentateuch or BCM 313 History of Israel or BCM
325 Wisdom Literature. BCM 227 Prophetic Literature. BCM 308 Christian Theology ...
www.gordon.edu/densem/advancedstanding - 20k

Joanna Kline - Gordon College

... Her research interests include narrative in the Old Testament, biblical wisdom
literature, and early Jewish and Christian biblical interpretation. ...
www.gordon.edu/bib-cmn/joannakline - 14k

Minor and Special Programs - Gordon College

... History, Literature and Theology BCM103 New Testament History, Literature and Theology ...
Identity, Community, Vocation – 2 credits ICS 228 Wisdom and Worldview ...
www.gordon.edu/bible/concentrations - 23k

Old Testament Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

Courses and requirements for Old Testament concentration.
www.gordon.edu/oldtestamentstudies/courses - 22k

New Testament Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

Requirements for the New Testament concentration.
www.gordon.edu/newtestamentstudies/courses - 21k

Biblical Languages Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

Requirements for the concentration in biblical languages.
www.gordon.edu/biblicallanguages/courses - 23k

General Concentration Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

Requirements for the general concentration in biblical studies.
www.gordon.edu/bible/general/courses - 22k

Faculty Books

... Elaine Phillips published “Theology of Prayer in the Wisdom Literature,” a chapter
in Praying with Ancient Israel: Exploring the Theology of Prayer in the ...
www.gordon.edu/article.cfm?iArticleID=1742&iReferrerPageID=16... - 13k

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