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Valerie Gin - Gordon College

... collegiate volleyball and softball for 13 years, Dr. Gin continues her love of and
interest in sports through researching and writing about sport ethics. ...
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In Focus: Faculty

... Valerie J. Gin. Ed.D., is associate professor of recreation and leisure studies
and department chair. She writes and does research on sport ethics. ...
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Two Distinguished Faculty Members Honored

... She wrote the sport ethics curriculum for the International Sport Coalition,
co-edits the Journal of The Christian Society of Kinesiology and Leisure Studies ...
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Business Administration Courses - Gordon College

Business Administration Courses and requirements at Gordon College.
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... Many athletes rely on a vertical jump in their sport. ... Sponsor: Suzanne Phillips
S-06 Social Ethics and Values of Multicultural Christian College Students ...
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[PDF] Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2007–2008

... Gordon College encourages students to wrestle with values and personal ethics,
and to “work out their faith” while living and studying here. ...
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