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Stephen Alter - Gordon College

... About: Research Fields: 19th Century American Social Thought, the Darwinian
Revolution, Critical Bible Scholarship in America. Selected ...
www.gordon.edu/stephenalter - 13k

[PDF] The China Program at Gordon College

... historian of Middle East societies, as an American living in ... The politics and morality
of entertainment media is a topic ... sides of the Pacific in the postwar era ...
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?file=%5Cdownload%5Cgalleries%5CH... - 2007-12-17

[PDF] Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2007–2008

... Approximately 11 percent of enrollment, including international students, are of
Asian, African-American, Hispanic, Native American or non-Caucasian descent. ...
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?id=450 - 2007-04-30