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Reading Poetry As a Second Language

... Reading Poetry As a Second Language. ... As a high school ESL student in Chile, I was
assigned to read poetry by John Donne, the 16–17th century British poet. ...
www.gordon.edu/article.cfm?iArticleID=1268&iReferrerPageID=22... - 16k

ARTICLE | Amazing Grace

... These things remind me in some ways of the craft of poetry, where one can
only use so many words to communicate ideas or feelings. ...
www.gordon.edu/article.cfm?iArticleID=278&iReferrerPageID=167... - 18k

English Courses - Gordon College

Courses for the department of English language and literature including
fiction, drama, poetry, classicism and romanticism, etc. ...
www.gordon.edu/english/courses - 25k

English Faculty - Gordon College

... Her current areas of research include nineteenth-century American slave
narratives and Christological imagery in American poetry. ...
www.gordon.edu/english/faculty - 22k

Creative Writing Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

... and 400-level literary studies courses. ENG 202 - Poetry and Poetics; ENG
203 - Narrative and Narrative Theory. Historical Courses. ...
www.gordon.edu/creativewriting/courses - 27k

Spring Course Descriptions - Gordon College

... We will begin with the poetry of Phillis Wheatley and then move to Harriet
Jacobs’s slave narrative, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, and then on to ...
www.gordon.edu/englishcoursedescriptions/spring - 26k

Fall Course Descriptions - Gordon College

... s Children, and Katherine Anne Porter’s The Old Order; plays by the likes of Eugene
O’Neill, Lillian Hellman, and Tennessee Williams; and poetry from bards ...
www.gordon.edu/englishcoursedescriptions/fall - 26k

Creative Writing Concentration - Gordon College

... course and work your way up to specialized and advanced courses as you explore a
variety of genres—fiction, nonfiction, poetry, playwriting, screenwriting ...
www.gordon.edu/creativewriting - 19k

English Honors - Gordon College

... "Before writing my honors thesis, I imagined myself solely as a creative
nonfiction writer with a hint of poetry. But after writing ...
www.gordon.edu/englishhonors - 20k

Mark Stevick - Gordon College

... He writes fiction and essays, makes films and documentaries, and has authored two
collections of poetry, The Language of Objects and A Stadium Full of Bears ...
www.gordon.edu/markstevick/ - 13k

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