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Strangers and Other Angels - Gordon College

... The piazza becomes the scene of a great convergence – the vast history of art and
architecture in Italy and the music of the USA, specifically jazz, blues ...
www.gordon.edu/lettersfromeurope/coonrod - 45k

The Dictatorship of Happiness - Gordon College

... time past is of course a constant of the soul and of human history. ... Poetry, painting,
music have by now almost completely disappeared from the horizons of our ...
www.gordon.edu/lettersfromeurope/tamaro - 32k

Christian College Linguistics, Christian Linguistics College ...

... another major or a minor such as education, languages, psychology, biblical studies,
English language and literature, history, international affairs or music. ...
www.gordon.edu/academics/linguistics - 20k

Graeme Bird - Gordon College

... argues that they are authentic variations, reflective of the poem's long history
as an ... A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Dr. Bird plays piano ...
www.gordon.edu/graemebird/ - 17k

CSD Post-bacc Faculty - Gordon College

... North Shore Community College. She is a teacher of history, French, and
ESL at Danvers High School. Her early teaching experience ...
www.gordon.edu/csdpostbacc/faculty - 19k

Graduate Fellowship Opportunities - Gordon College

... Memorial Fellowship, Scholarship for advanced study in art, music, theatre, urban ...
school for students committed to teaching American history, American government ...
www.gordon.edu/gradfellowships/list - 27k

Places to Live Near Gordon - Gordon College

... one of the best in the state, particularly with respect to music and the ... The history
and architecture are stimulating; we walk by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s house ...
www.gordon.edu/teachatgordon/living - 21k

Past Presidential Fellows 2015–16 - Gordon College

... Cana Short is a junior majoring in history with a concentration in early Christian ...
Church in Cambridge, where she sings and plays piano on the music team. ...
www.gordon.edu/presidentialfellows/15-16 - 32k

Preacher Bios and Sermons - Gordon College

... Wil Bullock heard the call from The Lord to bring their music to a ... Emmanuel Akyeampong
is a professor of history, African studies, and African American studies ...
www.gordon.edu/chapel/services - 67k

Art and Education Faculty - Gordon College

... District as an elementary teacher, middle school science and US history classroom
teacher ... as a high school English teacher and a middle school music teacher in ...
www.gordon.edu/arteducation/faculty - 35k

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