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Dizziness and Vertigo - Gordon College

... A typical evaluation begins with a detailed history of your symptoms related to
dizziness ... This allows us to visualize any eye movements that can provide us with ...
www.gordon.edu/balance/dizziness - 17k

Language Courses - Gordon College

... FRE360 French History, Culture, and Civilization (4) Surveys geography, history,
fine arts, religious makeup, economics and demographics of France. ...
www.gordon.edu/languages/courses - 30k

College Expedition Faqs - Gordon College

... Is the program safe? Safety is very important to us. ... We recommend that people who
have a history of knee or back problems choose a canoe trip. ...
www.gordon.edu/college/questions - 22k

Graduate Fellowship Opportunities - Gordon College

... to study languages abroad in areas critical to US national security, ... for graduate
school for students committed to teaching American history, American government ...
www.gordon.edu/gradfellowships/list - 29k

Early Christianity Faculty - Gordon College

... Professor of History. ... Selected Publications: “Desert Fathers and Desert Literature,”
Encyclopedia of Ancient History (Oxford: Bl ... more ➔. View Profile. ...
www.gordon.edu/earlychristianity/faculty - 16k

English Faculty - Gordon College

... Professor Logemann's research and teaching focus broadly on literary history and
the long twentieth century in British literature, with particular emphases on ...
www.gordon.edu/english/faculty - 26k

Spanish Courses & Requirements - Gordon College

... Spain (4 credits). One or two of the following: SPN 360 - Spanish History, Culture
and Civilization; SPN 370 - Survey of Spanish Peninsular Literature; ...
www.gordon.edu/spanish/courses - 27k

Academic Programs - Gordon College

... HISTORY Sustainability-related courses: HIS321—American Thought and Society. ...
SOC221—Power, Prestige and Poverty SOC232—Diversity in US Populations SOC290 ...
www.gordon.edu/sustainability/academicprograms - 30k

Biblical Languages Faculty - Gordon College

... Ted Hildebrandt. Professor of Biblical Studies. Ted teaches Old and New
Testament History and Literature as well as first year Greek. ...
www.gordon.edu/biblicallanguages/faculty - 28k

British Theatre Photo Journal - Gordon College

... to its gorgeous architecture, this FREE museum houses tons of world history, national
treasures ... IV, Part I. Standing at the ground level, those of us who were ...
www.gordon.edu/britishtheatre/photojournal2010 - 34k

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