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Place in Orvieto - Gordon College

... Perfectly positioned between Rome and Florence, in the heart of Umbria, the history
of Orvieto as a site of significant geographic and cultural intersection ...
www.gordon.edu/orvieto/place - 18k

Academics in Orvieto - Gordon College

... opportunity to study design, poetry, literature, painting, sculpture, and history
from original ... all students take Disegno, the course that orients us to the ...
www.gordon.edu/orvieto/academics - 26k

Don Lucas - Gordon College

... for Brass Scholarships as well as over a hundred appearances at US, festivals,
conservatories ... Prix Diploma ever awarded to a brass player in the history of the ...
www.gordon.edu/donlucas/ - 18k

2013 Owen Gingerich - Gordon College

... scientific academy) and he has served as chairman of the US National Committee ... the
Division’s Doggett Prize for his contributions to the history of astronomy ...
www.gordon.edu/herrmannlectures/gingerich - 23k

OSL Team - Gordon College

... in the US and South Africa. His international experiences in higher education have
convinced Dr. Rowe that this is a strategic point in world history and that ...
www.gordon.edu/servicelearning/staff - 20k

Places to Live Near Gordon - Gordon College

... The history and architecture are stimulating; we walk by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s house
and ... in the world class Peabody Essex Museum, the oldest one in the US. ...
www.gordon.edu/teachatgordon/living - 21k

Funding Opportunities - Gordon College

... Humanities. US Institute of Peace Grant, 10/1/13, Humanities; Social Sciences. ... Sciences.
Moakley Research Travel Grant (History), 3/1/14, Social Sciences. ...
www.gordon.edu/research/opportunities - 43k

Early Christianity Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

... Choose at least 12 credits from the following courses. At least 8 credits should
be history courses. HIS 216, History of Ancient Rome (4 credits). ...
www.gordon.edu/earlychristianity/courses - 15k

English Courses - Gordon College

... Reading these books well calls us to compassion toward those whose lives we are ... study
selected works from two global cultures with a rich history of cultural ...
www.gordon.edu/english/courses - 31k

Academics Facts - Gordon College

... the mind, deepen the faith and elevate the contribution to the world around us. ... Forum
is a one-year great books honors program in the history of Christian ...
www.gordon.edu/profile/academics - 22k

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