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Art and Education Faculty - Gordon College

... include adolescent literature, women's literature, literacy, and rhetorical theory. ...
teaching experience included teaching middle school (social studies, French ...
www.gordon.edu/arteducation/faculty - 35k

Interview with Emily Jones, Imago Dei Fund - Gordon College

... time and conflict, and who understand diversity as something more than an abstract
theory. ... up as a faith-based sector with regard to the larger social goal of ...
www.gordon.edu/womeninleadership/interview - 33k

Kaye Cook - Gordon College

... John Templeton Foundation Planning grant to empower evangelical leaders in Brazil
and China to better address social, political, and religious challenges in ...
www.gordon.edu/kayecook/ - 19k

Notre Dame Research Scholar Joins Social Work Faculty | The Bell

... She is the author of A New Model of Religious Conversion: Beyond Network Theory
and Social Constructivism (Brill, 2014), a contributor to numerous publications ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 37k

Psychology Professor Publishes Paper in Major Journal | The Bell

... The product of nine years of research, “A Social Comparison Theory Meta-Analysis
60+ Years On” offers insights into how people can be motivated to change ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 35k

From Elevate Finalist to Bridge Builder to Gordon Student | The ...

... offers leadership coaching, world-class speakers, adventure-based learning, and
the opportunity to connect theory with action in response to social problems. ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 39k

Peter Berger is Distinguished Visiting Scholar | The Bell

... Becoming a Bore, he discusses how he became a social scientist, and ... book, The Many
Altars of Modernity (2014), argues that “secularization theory—which saw ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 36k

Spark Electrifies Student Body with Faculty Research | The Bell

... forces of modernization and globalization are moving inevitably to marginalize
religion.” Under this theory he asked, how should our political-social life be ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 33k

Gordon Athletics - Men's Basketball Coach's Corner: January 9

... were there for a few hours when my wife read something on social media that ... I had
a couple of guys question that theory, and talked about the beautiful sunsets ...
athletics.gordon.edu/news/2018/1/9/mens-basketball-coachs-corner-... - 61k - 2018-06-06

Math + Voting Research = Greater Political Understanding | The ...

... project because it ties the logic and theory of the STEM field with contemporary
issues. “I’m always wondering how to apply math into social science fields ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 34k

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