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[PDF] Dr. Denis Alexander

... Boston College Stephen J. Pope is Professor of Theology at Boston College. He received
his Ph.D. in theological ethics from the University of Chicago in 1988. ...
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?id=2184 - 2014-11-11

Preacher Bios and Sermons - Gordon College

... Corey received a BA in English and biblical studies from Evangel University and
an MA in American studies and a Ph.D. in education from Boston College. ...
www.gordon.edu/chapel/services - 67k

Physics Grad Profiles - Gordon College

... Spencer is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in experimental ... student in Astrophysics at
Boston University where ... 2010 Matt graduated from Gordon College with majors ...
www.gordon.edu/physics/grads - 31k

Faculty of the Balkans Semester - Gordon College

... Associate Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Gordon College. After
receiving his Ph.D. on Hegel's social philosophy from Boston University, Dr ...
www.gordon.edu/inbalkans/faculty - 35k

International Affairs Faculty - Gordon College

... and MA degrees from Oxford University and his Ph.D. from the ... Gordon College is one
of the nation's premier Christian colleges and located just north of Boston. ...
www.gordon.edu/intlaffairs/faculty - 22k

Philosophy Faculty - Gordon College

... After receiving his Ph.D. on Hegel's social ... at both Worcester Polytechnic Institute
and Boston University where ... is Professor of Philosophy at Gordon College. ...
www.gordon.edu/philosophy/faculty - 17k

Roger Green - Gordon College

... Send Email. Ph.D., Boston College M.Th., Princeton Theological Seminary M.Div.,
Asbury Theological Seminary BA, Temple University. Areas of expertise: About: ...
www.gordon.edu/rogergreen/ - 14k

Chad Stutz - Gordon College

... BA Wheaton College MA University of Nevada, Las Vegas Ph.D. Boston College. ...
www.gordon.edu/chadpstutz/ - 12k

In Focus: Alumni

... Corbin is studying political philosophy and philosophy of art at Boston College.
“The decision to spend five years on a Ph.D. is an exciting one, but it ...
www.gordon.edu/article.cfm?iArticleID=725&iReferrerPageID=167... - 17k

Kaye V. Cook - Gordon College

... of 2-and 3-year-olds Ph.D., Developmental Psychology ... Ken Olsen Science Center 346
Gordon College 255 Grapevine ... Chinese-American subcultures in the Boston area. ...
www.gordon.edu/faculty/kayecook - 20k

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