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Data Science Faculty - Gordon College

... Professor of Mathematics. Dr. Veatch uses the methods of operations research,
particularly probability models and optimization, in a variety of areas. ...
www.gordon.edu/datascience/faculty - 22k

Special Accommodations - Gordon College

... letter, please go to www.gordon.edu/visa and scroll down to "Visitor Invitation
Letter." The Director of International Initiatives and Operations will draft ...
www.gordon.edu/commencement/specialaccommodations - 27k

Business Administration Courses - Gordon College

... An additional 8 credits of economics and business coursework within the major at
or above the 300 level including MAT324 Operations Research and CPS356 ...
www.gordon.edu/economics/business/courses - 17k

Our Location - Gordon College

... Gordon College faculty are closely involved in the operations of the CBMW
teachers, researchers, and even working with clients. ...
www.gordon.edu/balance/location - 34k

Support the CBMW - Gordon College

... programming techniques. General Fund To enhance the Center’s programs
and support day-to-day operations. Program expansion will ...
www.gordon.edu/balance/give - 20k

Faculty of the Balkans Semester - Gordon College

... Petra Belkovic Taylor (Comparative Literature, South Slavic Literature), Program
Director Petra Taylor is the Director of Operations for the Balkans Semester. ...
www.gordon.edu/inbalkans/faculty - 39k

Julie Lenocker - Gordon College

... Julie Lenocker. Director of Operations and Administration of
Graduate Programs. Adjunct in Graduate Education. ...
www.gordon.edu/julielenocker/ - 11k

Partners: Athletics Spotlight - Gordon College

... Super Bowl LII. Nevertheless, these days you can find her as the event
operations manager for the Las Vegas Raiders. As a double ...
www.gordon.edu/partners/newsletter/athletics - 26k

Resources for Entrepreneurs - Gordon College

... Commerce). Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resource
(SBA). Template for Continuity of Operations Plan. How Small ...
www.gordon.edu/cel/resources - 19k

Human Resources - Gordon College

... Joanne Vermont Assistant Director of Human Resources. Susan Wilson Operations Manager.
Jonathon Stricklin Admin Assistant to the Associate VP for HR. ...
www.gordon.edu/teachatgordon/living - 18k

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