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Student Profiles - Gordon College

... to all aspects of leading a school from fundraising, personnel, curriculum, managing
people to strategic planning, marketing, school law, finance and operations ...
www.gordon.edu/graduate/leadership/profiles - 21k

College Creative Staff - Gordon College

Staff members in College Creative oversee marketing and advertising, branding,
writing, web design, and all creative operations at the College. ...
www.gordon.edu/collegecreative/staff - 17k

Financial Analysis Faculty - Gordon College

... the Gordon MSFA team with 40 plus years of experience in corporate environments,
having served in senior-level roles in finance, operations, administration and ...
www.gordon.edu/msfa/faculty - 29k

Graduate Leadership Classical Schools: Courses - Gordon College

... LEA 725: Business, Finance and Operations (3 credits) Leaders are required to assess
organizational needs and develop a financial plan to successfully address ...
www.gordon.edu/graduate/classical/courses - 18k

International Student Orientation - Gordon College

... The Director of International Initiatives and Operations, Caroline Dixon, is available
to assist you with this process and can answer any questions you may have ...
www.gordon.edu/intl/orientation - 21k

Computer Science Courses and Requirements - Gordon College

... Methods in Physics II; MAT 318 - Probability; MAT 319 - Statistics; MAT 325 -
Operations Research; MAT 332 - Geometry; MAT 335 - Algebraic ...
www.gordon.edu/computerscience/courses - 28k

Gordon Global Internships FAQs - Gordon College

... Depending on the needs of the organizations, internship opportunities cover a wide
range of areas, eg accounting, arts, business operations, church ministries ...
www.gordon.edu/globalintern/faq - 23k

Data Science Faculty - Gordon College

... Professor of Mathematics. Dr. Veatch uses the methods of operations research,
particularly probability models and optimization, in a variety of areas. ...
www.gordon.edu/datascience/faculty - 22k

Business Administration Courses - Gordon College

... An additional 8 credits of economics and business coursework within the major at
or above the 300 level including MAT324 Operations Research and CPS356 ...
www.gordon.edu/economics/business/courses - 17k

Special Accommodations - Gordon College

... letter, please go to www.gordon.edu/visa and scroll down to "Visitor Invitation
Letter." The Director of International Initiatives and Operations will draft ...
www.gordon.edu/commencement/specialaccommodations - 27k

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