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Deciding major paradigm - Gordon College

... If you DO have a general area of interest—like the sciences, music, or
education—we recommend you speak with a faculty member in that department or ...
www.gordon.edu/deciding/firstyear/paradigm - 20k

R. Judson Carlberg Obituary

... global education expanded significantly. In a subculture that has historically been
suspicious of the arts, Carlberg was an enthusiastic supporter of music, ...
www.gordon.edu/carlberg/obituary/ - 11k

Past Presidential Fellows 2016-2017 - Gordon College

... family, friends, and learning from mentors, as well as sports, music and trying
a ... Sohenga hopes to attend graduate school to further her education and continue ...
www.gordon.edu/presidentialfellows/16-17 - 41k

Past Presidential Fellows 2015-2016 - Gordon College

... He hopes to earn his master’s in higher education and work with students of low ... Church
in Cambridge, where she sings and plays piano on the music team. ...
www.gordon.edu/presidentialfellows/15-16 - 34k

Academic Quality and Transformative Experiences - Gordon College

... The Village (formerly Road Halls) and a pilot Global Education house in ... inexpensive
private colleges” and “small colleges strong in Music.” Gordon College ...
www.gordon.edu/2020project/academicquality - 24k

R. Judson Carlberg - Gordon College

... Chapel; Ken Olsen Science Center; Barrington Center for the Arts; Phillips Music
Center; Center ... Dr. Carlberg expanded urban and global education offerings to ...
www.gordon.edu/presidents/carlberg - 17k

Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness Team - Gordon College

... Elisabeth (Lissa) received her Bachelor of Science in Movement Science from Gordon
College in 2001 with a minor in music. She continued her education at MGH ...
www.gordon.edu/balance/staff - 44k

Christian College, Gordon College: Student Life - Gordon College

... together to rededicate ourselves to Christ and to remember that our education can
be ... as a drama, comedy, action and adventure movie, documentary or music video ...
www.gordon.edu/sustainability/energy - 43k

Math Graduates' Comments - Gordon College

... Hampshire. Lauren graduated from Gordon with a double major in Mathematics
and Secondary Education, along with a minor in Music. ...
www.gordon.edu/math/outcomes - 25k

Creative Recognitions & Honors - Gordon College

... STILLPOINT magazine, fall 2013; Music at Gordon brochure. Telly Award: Silver. ...
Christmas at Gordon; Graduate education brochure; Fact book. ...
www.gordon.edu/collegecreative/awards - 20k

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