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Pilar Pérez Serrano - Gordon College

Faculty and staff profiles at Gordon College.
www.gordon.edu/pilarperezserrano/ - 13k

Group Fitness Schedule - Gordon College

... your balance. ZUMBA: Zumba® is a Latin-based dance fitness program that
works every part of the body with fun rhythms. TABATA: A ...
www.gordon.edu/bennett/groupfitness/schedule - 17k

CSD Post-bacc Faculty - Gordon College

... 2001. His interests include Greek and Latin language and literature,
Indo-European linguistics, and early English literature. He ...
www.gordon.edu/csdpostbacc/faculty - 19k

People's names and titles - Gordon College

... A list of professors emeriti appears near the end of the academic catalog as the
last subsection of the list of faculty; use the boldfaced Latin words above ...
www.gordon.edu/styleguide/names-titles - 29k

MMED Faculty - Gordon College

... His co-editorial work includes numerous editions of Arabic, Asian, Latin American,
and Western choral pieces published by Earthsongs and Hinshaw Music. ...
www.gordon.edu/mmed/faculty - 32k

[PDF] Amy K

... since 2015 LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY English: reading, lecturing, writing French,
German, Latin, and Classical and NT Greek: reading
www.gordon.edu/download/facstaff/Amy%20Hughes.CV.Nov2017.pdf - 2018-01-23

Orientes Reges Tres Sunt Nos? | The Bell

... Leave a Comment. If you and 29 of your closest friends are going to sing
in Latin, the Frost Hall lobby is the place to do it. All ...
stories.gordon.edu/orientese-reges-tres-sunt-nos/ - 33k

Meet the 2016-17 Fellows - Gordon College

... Kristiina is a dual citizen of Finland and the United States. She is quad-lingual
(English, German, Finnish and French) and is proficient in Latin. ...
www.gordon.edu/presidentialfellows/16-17 - 38k

Hispanic Heritage Week at Gordon | The Bell

... “Black in Latin America”: October 6 and 7 Catch the viewing of this PBS series. ... Pachanga
Latina: October 8 Enjoy Latin music, food and culture in Gillies! ...
stories.gordon.edu/hispanic-heritage-week-at-gordon/ - 33k

Fluent in the Past, Influencer of the Present | The Bell

... Leave a Comment. History and Latin instructor Ian Drummond believes that any kind
of history gets us out of our own cultural bubbles of the present. ...
stories.gordon.edu/fluent-in-the-past-influencer-of-the-present/ - 33k

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