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Notes On Monastero San Paolo: Reentering The Vestibule of Paradise ...

... Town authorities used their unusual geography to carve out protected spaces ... Historical
records for nuns’ lives were available long before scholars availed ...
www.gordon.edu/lettersfromeurope/agneshoward - 70k

Drawn Back to the Land of the Bible: 20 and Counting | The Bell

... the Israel Seminar, in which Gordon students join others at Jerusalem University
College (JUC) for three weeks of intensive historical geography field study. ...
stories.gordon.edu/.../ - 40k

Sabbatical Sojourns: Elaine Phillips | The Bell

... Onsite in Israel for most of March and again in May and June, Phillips taught three
separate intensive field study courses on the historical geography of the ...
stories.gordon.edu/phillipssabbatical/ - 37k

Exhibition Opening in Orvieto | The Bell

... reflects our reading of the city, and what representation and place might mean in
a local geography saturated by layers of historical identity.” According to ...
stories.gordon.edu/exhibition-opening-in-orvieto/ - 34k

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