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Yicaury Melo, Bromley Hall - Gordon College

... One of the other members of the trip was a few rooms over just strumming his guitar
on the balcony and for that moment I felt the most overwhelming peace I ...
www.gordon.edu/residencelife/bromley_rd - 17k

Launch Coordinators - Gordon College

... LAUNCH Coordinator. Jordan loves to play guitar with friends, cook, and
is an avid soccer player and enthusiast. Hanna Im. Hanna Im ...
www.gordon.edu/launch/coordinators - 20k

Initial License Course Schedules & Registration - Gordon College

... ON CAMPUS GMU544 BRASS METHODS CLASS (1 cr.) January 16–May 15, 2019 Wednesdays,
6–7 pm GMU547 GUITAR METHODS CLAS (1 cr.) January 16–May 15, 2019 ...
www.gordon.edu/initiallicense/courseschedules - 17k

Past Presidential Fellows 2012-2013 - Gordon College

... Henry is also an experienced violinist and guitar player who leads worship as a
member of the Catacombs worship team, which is Gordon’s weekly student-led ...
www.gordon.edu/presidentialfellows/12-13 - 22k

Student Life Staff - Gordon College

... He enjoys time with his family, photography, filmmaking, guitar, and the
ocean. Susan Forsythe: Director of Health Services Email. ...
www.gordon.edu/studentlife/staff - 38k

New Voice in the Local Music Scene | The Bell

... The day Rachel Baldwin ’17 was scheduled to sing and play guitar before 300 people
as the opening act for singer-songwriter Livingston Taylor, she woke up ...
stories.gordon.edu/new-voice-in-the-local-music-scene/ - 38k

Global Academic Programs - Gordon College

... DC American Studies Program Public Policy in Washington DC. guitar Contemporary
Music Center Inside the Music Industry, Artist, Business, Technical in Nashville ...
www.gordon.edu/geo/programs - 37k

Alumni Awardee: Bob Weil ’85 | The Bell

... Frustrated by the lack of visual cues offered by conventional electric guitar volume
pedals, Bob Weil set out to create the solution he assumed other guitar ...
stories.gordon.edu/alumni-awardee-bob-weil-85/ - 32k

Bob Weil ’85: Let There Be Light… For Sound | The Bell

... graduating from Barrington (now Gordon College) and during his time on a worship
team at a church in Los Angeles, Bob Weil ’85 bought a guitar volume pedal ...
stories.gordon.edu/bob-weil-85-let-there-be-light-for-sound/ - 34k

[PDF] Gordon College Graduate Course Catalog

Page 1. GORDON COLLEGE GRADUATE EDUCATION 255 Grapevine Road, Wenham MA 01984
Graduate Education: T 978 867 4322 F 978 867 4737 Graduate ...
www.gordon.edu/download.cfm?id=1827 - 2011-10-21

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