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PAST / PRESENT: An Exhibition by Gordon’s Art Faculty | The Bell

... Adjunct in Art—Photography Bruce Herman, Lothlórien Distinguished Chair in the Fine
Arts, Department Chair—Painting, Printmaking, Art Theory David Herwaldt ...
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The Annual Crum Lecture—Augustine and the Art of Politics | The ...

... religion at Princeton University, presents “Augustine and the Art of Politics ... include
religious and philosophical ethics, theology, political theory, law and ...
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Spark Electrifies Student Body with Faculty Research | The Bell

... The theory of secularization, he proposed, is “the forces of modernization and
globalization are moving inevitably to marginalize religion.” Under this ...
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Student Spotlight | The Bell | Page 10

... Leave a Comment. Rebecca Li “Physics major Rebecca Li ’17 played a part in this
awesome verification of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which ...
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