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Musical production of Pirates of the Penzance at Gordon College, rated one of the Best College Theatres in America.

Musical Theatre Minor

At the intersection of theatre and music is a blank canvas for story. We are created by God to be creative in nature. We learn about each other when we tell stories that matter. Your pathway may lead to Broadway, or it may lead to stages across the country, such as schools where students are taught or churches where faithful followers gather. A musical theatre minor at Gordon College will prepare you to tell stories in a creative way and complements a wide range of majors—from art to communication, and everything in between. 

Explore musical theatre at Gordon

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Why study musical theatre at Gordon?

At Gordon finding your light is more than a stage direction: It’s a journey you take to discern how your passion coincides with the world’s needs and to create your career at that intersection. Alongside faculty mentors and fellow students, you will explore the depth and power of theatre. Working in our unique black box theatre designed by world-renowned architect Iain Mackintosh, you will grow into a dynamic communicator and artist. 

What careers can I pursue with a musical theatre minor?

A musical theatre minor provides students with a well-rounded foundation that can be applied to a wide range of industries. Possible career directions include:

  • Acting
  • Arts administration
  • Music
  • Singing
  • Stage directing
  • Theatre programming

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Dr. Jessica Modaff 
Professor, Department of Music
E [email protected]
P 978 867 4148

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