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Mina Lim

Mina Lim

Assistant Professor of Physics

B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University
Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University

Areas of expertise:


I am originally from South Korea. After graduating Texas A&M University with my B.S in Chemical Engineering, I worked at Samsung Electronics in South Korea as a semiconductor engineer for 6 years. I came back to the states and received my Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering from North Carolina State University in 2020. 

My research interest includes atomistic simulations of the structure and the properties of the high entropy materials. I use atomic-scale computer simulations to develop a fundamental understanding of many-body quantum dynamics in condensed matter physics. Specific areas of interest include nanometer-scale structure, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of the high entropy ceramics: high entropy oxides and carbides, and the development of new strategies for engineering nanometer-scale structures and devices. By exploring this area, our simulations are helping to lay the foundation for next generation of materials engineering and physics. 


Selected Publications:

  1. Christina M Rost, Trent Borman, Mohammad Delower Hossain, Mina Lim, Kathleen F Quiambao-Tomko, John Tomko, Donald W Brenner, Jon-Paul Maria, Patrick E Hopkins. “Carbon bonding controls the electron and phonon thermal conductivity in high entropy carbides”. AMI: Acta Materialia, Feb. 2020
  2. C. RostT. Borman, M. Hossain, M. Lim, K. Quiambao-Tomko, J. Tomko, D. BrennerJ. Maria, P. Hopkins. “Electron and phonon thermal conductivity in high entropy carbides with variable carbon content”. ACTA MATERIALIA, 196, 231–239, 2020
  3. M. Lim, Z. Rak, J. Braun, C. Rost, G. Kotsonis, P. Hopkins, J. MariaD. Brenner. “Influence of mass and charge disorder on the phonon thermal conductivity of entropy stabilized oxides determined by molecular dynamics simulations”. JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 125(5), 2019
  4. J. Braun, C. Rost, M. Lim, A. Giri, D. Olson, G. Kotsonis, G. Stan, D. BrennerJ. Maria, P. Hopkins. “Charge-Induced Disorder Controls the Thermal Conductivity of Entropy-Stabilized Oxides”. ADVANCED MATERIALS, 30(51), 2018

Z. RakC. Rost, M. Lim, P. Sarker, C. Toher, S. Curtarolo, J. MariaD. Brenner. “Charge compensation and electrostatic transferability in three entropy-stabilized oxides: Results from density functional theory calculations”. Journal of Applied Physics, 120(9), 2016