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Bachelor's + 1 Middle/Secondary School Education

Middle and high school teachers have a unique role in education—they are masters in their subject matters and guide through students’ transition to adolescence and eventually college. In the Bachelor's +1 middle/secondary school education program, you’ll first earn a degree in the particular academic area of your interest. Once the undergraduate program is complete, you’ll seamlessly transition into an accelerated master’s degree in education to prepare you for Massachusetts licensure (at Gordon’s affordable graduate-level tuition rate). Graduate programs are designed for working professionals, so you can spend your days teaching under a provisional license and evenings or weekends pursuing your degree—meaning you earn a year’s worth of experience and a graduate degree in a year.

What careers can I pursue with a middle school/secondary education license?

Because of Gordon’s strong emphasis on practical classroom experience, you will be highly qualified for an initial Massachusetts teaching license (and comparable license in all 50 states and U.S. territories), and for a wide range of teaching positions across the country and around the globe, including:

  • Public schools 
  • Private schools
  • Christian schools
  • Global missions 

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Go the extra mile!

During your accelerated Master's program, you can choose to complete a dual student teaching practicum, making you eligible for licensure for grades 5–8 and 9–12 in your content field.


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