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Outdoor Education at Gordon College
One of Gordon’s distinctives is a required outdoor education experience during every student’s first year as a part of the Core Curriculum. The focus for both of these options is on goal-setting, community, reflective learning, and growing in Christ, and both are designed to serve as a catalyst for personal growth and leadership development.

Learn more about La Vida College Expeditions

Intensive 12-day wilderness experience that promotes leadership, confidence and growth in community. La Vida Expeditions include outdoor rock climbing, ropes course, orienteering and a solo experience.


Learn more about the Discovery Course

Seven-week outdoor activities course that develops trust, responsibility and self-confidence. Discovery includes initiative games, ropes course, indoor rock climbing and an overnight weekend in New Hampshire.


All Gordon students are required to complete their Outdoor Education first-year experience before the start of their sophomore year. Both the Compass and Summit programs meet all requirements for this section of the Core Curriculum. Minimal paperwork is needed and can be obtained by contacting . An additional option (available for those with a medical limitation by petition only) is Concepts of Wellness, which promotes physical fitness and wellness. 

As you consider your options, here is a guide to Gordon's Outdoor Education requirement and the La Vida College Programs brochure. These resources provide additional information and details which may assist in your decision-making process. Don't hesitate to contact the with any questions you may have!