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Dates & Costs

2024 Dates for PED 016 La Vida College Expeditions

May 12–23
June 18–June 29
July 2–July 13
July 16–July 27
August 11–August 22

Current students only
Incoming students only
Incoming students only
Incoming students only
Incoming students only

*Athletes should confirm with their coaches which trip would be best based on their sports schedule and preseason training.

The activity fee for PED 016 is included in the First-Year Experience Fee that is paid before starting at Gordon. The activity fee includes: 

  1. Round-trip transportation to New York from Gordon's Wenham campus as well as transportation throughout the La Vida Expedition
  2. Food and housing
  3. Expeditionary equipment
  4. Reader and journal
  5. La Vida t-shirt and plaque

The fee will appear on the first bill you receive before starting at Gordon. 

Current students: Please register for PED 016 on my.gordon.edu during the spring semester registration period that begins in November. La Vida Expeditions is listed under the summer term classes. You'll be emailed further instructions once you are registered.  

Incoming students: After you have completed your online La Vida application, the staff will review it and send you a confirmation of your acceptance. If for some reason we cannot accept you into the trip you chose, we will contact you to find out your second choice. If you can only go on the trip you originally chose, you will be put on a waitlist, and we will let you know if a spot opens up. Towards the beginning of the summer, we can register you for the PED 016 experience dates you chose. The course will then show up on your student account and summer schedule.

All students pay the First-Year Experience Fee before starting at Gordon. This fee includes the cost of Discovery or La Vida. You are welcome to choose whichever course best fits your needs. Students who participate in a La Vida Expedition might not get their first-semester bill until after they have completed the expedition. Since most of the expenses are incurred in preparation for the expedition, the following graduated cancellation policy has been set:

  • Dropping 60 or more days before the trip will not incur an additional charge.
  • Dropping 30–59 days before the trip incurs a $50 late-drop fee in addition to the First-Year Experience Fee.
  • Dropping 15–29 days before the trip incurs a $100 late-drop fee in addition to the First-Year Experience Fee.
  • Failure to arrive for a confirmed space or dropping within 14 days of the trip incurs a $200 late-drop fee in addition to the First-Year Experience Fee.
  • Students who withdraw from the expedition after it has started will incur a $300 withdrawal fee in addition to the First-Year Experience Fee.
  • Please note that once you begin classes at Gordon, you cannot postpone this requirement past the summer after your first year. If you are signed up for a summer trip and can no longer go, you will need to switch courses before Quad 4 begins.

If you are unable to go on the expedition, please contact  as soon as possible. You will need to fill out a course drop form, and you will incur additional charges as noted on the above policy.