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Kristen Cooper

Kristen Cooper

Assistant Professor of Economics and Business

B.A. Gordon College
Ph.D. Cornell University


Kristen Cooper joined the Economics and Business faculty in 2013 after completing her Ph.D. in Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. Before beginning her Ph.D. studies, she enjoyed working for two years in the field of antitrust and economic consulting. Her current research projects study various topics in microeconomics, including consumer behavior, environmental policy, and the strategic behavior of participants in markets. In the economics courses she teaches, she seeks to challenge students to integrate Christian ethics in their studies of markets, environmental externalities, and everyday economic interactions.

Selected Recent Research
“Welfare Effects of Biofuel Policies in the Presence of Fuel and Labor Taxes” (with Dusan Drabik).  Presented at the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, August 12-14, 2012.  Working paper.

“Trading Quality and Newness: Income Signaling and the Consumption of Durable Visible Goods.”  Working paper.

“Strategic Complementarity and Substitutability: Experimental Evidence” (with Ori Heffetz and Michael Waldman).  Working paper.

Agricultural & Applied Economics Association
American Economic Association
Association of Christian Economists