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James Higginbotham Legacy Fellows Program

Ready to jump-start your professional experiences and develop a strategic mindset while in college?

The Higginbotham Legacy Fellows program is designed for first-year students who are beginning college with the end in mind. As part of a one-year cohort, Higginbotham Legacy Fellows engage in opportunities that establish a foundation of professional experience and open conversations with leadership-level professionals and entrepreneurs.

Program Overview

Higginbotham Legacy Fellows come from a wide range of majors and have varied career goals, but all share a common interest in developing their understanding of work through a theological lens and engaging in work as an intentional development opportunity. Fellows benefit from early career advice and insights into the contemporary workplace through:

  • Working in a meaningful paid campus job between two and six hours per week under the guidance of a supervisor/mentor.
  • Attending monthly guest speaker talks with leadership-level professionals on important topics surrounding career and leadership preparation, advice for working in specific industries, understanding workplace expectations and ethics, and faith and work integration.
  • Participating in two or three individualized career conversations with the program director to begin to map out options for career-building next steps.
  • Engaging with a career interest inventory for assessing interests in work and potential occupations.
  • Attending immersion trips to Boston-area employers for insights about companies, industries and hiring practices.
  • Developing a perspective of creating and problem-solving as well as understanding the impact and contribution of our work as done in the image of God’s work in creation.


To be considered for the Higginbotham Legacy Fellows program, students must:

  • Be a first-year student with a high school GPA below 3.9
  • Complete the Gordon admissions and First-year Fellows application by January 3
  • Attend the Explore Gordon Day on December 2

Hear from Higginbotham Legacy Fellows


“Work has taught me that I am a very quick learner and adaptable. I have realized through work that I am very good at learning on my feet and offering suggestions to help the group.”
—Amanda McKay ’24 (biology), Higginbotham Legacy Fellow 2020–2021 and intern 2021–2022

“During my time in the Higginbotham Legacy Fellows Program, I have learned about what Gordon College represents as a liberal arts school and what it truly provides to students with education. This unique program has supported me not only in improving my vocation but also in my relationship and faith in Christ.”
—Julian Pamplona ’24 (communication arts), Higginbotham Legacy Fellow 2020–2021

“My experience in the Higginbotham Legacy Fellows program has taught me the importance of professionalism. As a member of the fellowship, I have been provided diverse opportunities and resources to use on campus, from the Career and Connection Institute, dinners together and more. My personal favorite is the seminars with guest speakers, because of the level of professionalism they all demonstrate.”
—Caleigh Williams ’24 (social welfare), Higginbotham Legacy Fellow 2020–2021

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