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Global Education

Become a part of the global community

When studying abroad, you discover a place that follows a different rhythm and you learn its customs—from kneeling in Franciscan caves on the slope of Monte Subasio, to buying fresh caracoles at the local fish market in Seville, to salsa dancing on the streets of Zagreb during a Cuban festival. Global Education at Gordon is about intentionality and immersion, in connecting to a new community as a participant and not just as an observer.

"Normally, there’s a barrier between you and what you’re learning. It’s one thing seeing a picture of artwork and walking in the actual footsteps where an artist lived. When you take away this barrier between you and what you’re learning, the learning experience is more meaningful. It’s applicable to how you live and relate to other people. It’s part of your story now."
Sophie Linnell, Gordon in Orvieto



A journey that has influence on everything that follows

Studying abroad with Gordon is so much more than getting outside your comfort zone. It’s about transformation. A reorientation. And it’s different for everyone. Whatever you bring back with you—be it a philosophy or practice—it will lend itself to everything that comes next.

"One thing we talked about a lot was how artmaking is 70 percent looking at the subject and only 30 percent painting or drawing. You need to spend more time looking at your subject than actually painting it. If you want to create something authentic—not realistic necessarily, but authentic—you need to look for a long time. This is a philosophy I can use for the rest of my life and not just for artmaking."
Rachel Baldwin, Gordon in Orvieto

Reflection and practice—learning as a way of life

Learning is not just an intellectual exercise—it’s something that ought to change the way we live. When you study abroad with Gordon, your living and learning activities are enmeshed and you are challenged to integrate what you are learning with your everyday life—from the way you interact with your roommates, to the way you make art, to the way you talk about war.

"We were learning about peace, and conflict, and what it means to live together. What it means to live peacefully within our apartments since that’s what we’re all trying to learn in class. That was the part that touched me the most—how closely what we were learning in class related to how we lived with each other."
— Isabelle Skillen, Balkans Semester


An experience beyond what’s possible on campus

When you study abroad, you adjust to a whole new way of living and growth happens exponentially. You’re able to explore your field of study through opportunities that aren’t offered here—like studying language and medicine in a hospital where all the patients and doctors speak Spanish or reading B.H. Fairchild’s poem "Beauty" in the presence of Donatello’s David statue, the very work of art that inspired his poem.

"I feel like I’ve learned so much, in so many ways. In ways that you just can’t in a classroom at a college. It’s such a time of complete, exponential growth—relationally, spiritually, academically."
Emily Friesen, Gordon in Orvieto

Your journey awaits

Contact the Global Education Office:

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The Global Education Office is located in MacDonald Hall, room 130.