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Dorothy Boorse

Dorothy Boorse

Professor of Biology

Ph.D. 1998 Oceanography and Limnology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.S. 1993 Entomology, Cornell University
B.S. 1987 Biology, Gordon College


Dr. Boorse joined Gordon College in 1999 and has worked to bring a greater understanding of the complex interactions among wildlife and the environment to the Gordon Community and the wider world. Her primary research interests are in aquatic community ecology and invasive species. Dorothy also spends a great deal of time studying the integration of faith and science, particularly in the realm of environmental ethics. In the past several years, her time has been devoted to authoring a major environmental science textbook and furthering conversation in faith communities about environmental Stewardship.

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Bolded courses are one I currently teach, although not in the same semester

Field Courses: Ecology, Advanced Techniques in Ecology, Marine Science, Marine Biology Institute, Population Ecology.

General/Lab Courses: Animal Physiology, Ecology and Evolution, Physiology, Animal Biology, Plants, Ecology and Evolution, 

Core Courses: The Scientific Enterprise, First-Year Seminar CCC, Human Biology, Health & Disease; Environmental Science.

Additional Courses: Biology Senior Seminar, Special Topics in Environmental Science, Nutrition, Introduction to Public Health, Introduction to Research in Biology, Controversial Issues in Environmental Science, Biology/Biochemistry and Faith

Guest Professor: Creation Care Study Program—Spring 2008 & 2012, Fall 2019
Stream Ecology short course. Invited faculty. Belize. 2008, 2012
God and Nature course. Invited faculty, New Zealand. 2019

Advisory Work:

Devotional Writer: for Climate Caretakers (2018–present).

Steering Committee—Faith Science Alliance for Climate Leadership: new group in Boston area comprised of scientists and faith leaders, working together on getting climate laws passed (2018–present).

Young Evangelicals for Climate Action: (2014–present Senior Advisor).

Perspectives on Science and the Christian Faith (2016–present Editorial Board).

American Scientific Affiliation, ASA (Executive Council Member: 2016–2017)

Guest Editor: Perspectives on Science and the Christian Faith. (J. 2014)

Beacon Christian Academy/ North Shore Christian School: Board Member (2009–2012) Education Committees (2008).

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Boorse, D. 2019.  “Stewardship, Charity and Justice: Caring for the World Around Us, Zechariah 7:1-14” Sermon in Chapel at Gordon College March 3, 2019. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_B134Rz0D8).

Boorse, D. 2018. Creation Care and Environmental Justice: Closing the Concern Gap in the Area of Climate Change. Talk at annual meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation. July 30, 2018 Colorado School of Mines, Colorado. 

Boorse, D. 2018. Lost in Translation- Climate and Faith. Plenary speaker at Carnegie Mellon University Sustainability Weekend Conference April 5-7. 

Boorse, D.  2017. Christians address climate change: an approach to planetary boundaries. talk given at MIT Executive MBA program at the Sloan School of Management Nov. 17. 

Boorse. D 2018. Where does the Water Go?: Wenham Lake, Chebacco Lake and other local waterways. Talk given at Beverly Library, March 3, 2018.

Boorse, D.  2016. Coy Pond and the Woods: Ecology at the Edges of Human and Wild Environments. Sept 16, 2016. Talk in Gordon College Faculty Forum.

Boorse, D. 2016. Faith, Hope, and Love and Climate Change.  Veritas Forum dialog with Professor John Nolt. Mar 3, 2016. University of Tennessee. http://sf.ites.utk.edu/utk/Play/47902129be0e4bd1b79daf2d7efb8fe01d

Interview on WBUR, Boston public Radio, Open Source with Christopher Lydon June 11, 2015. 

Invited speaker: Perceptions Conference speaker, March 13, 2015 Washington DC. On Science and Faith. Panelist on Environment and Christians. AAAS Dialog of Science, Ethics and Religion.

Invited speaker: June, 19, 2014 All of Creation Groans: Climate Change and International Development.  Panelist at The Summit: World Change Through Faith & Justice Washington, DC. 


Jablonski, L and D. Boorse. 2020. Building Bridges: Communicating between Ecologists and Faith Communities. Frontiers of Ecology and Environment. 17(10) 599-600. https://esajournals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/fee.2139

Dr. Boorse is a co-author of Environmental Science published by Pearson, a textbook written with Gordon professor emeritus Richard Wright and more recently with Dr. Jeff Ploegstra of Dordt College.

Wright, R. and D. Boorse 2021 (anticipated). Environmental Science 14 Edition. Pearson. Co-authored with some help by Jeff Ploegstra of Dordt College.  All chapters past first and second draft stage.

Wright, R. and D. Boorse 2017. Environmental Science 13 Edition. Pearson. (authored whole book)

Wright R. and D. Boorse 2014. Environmental science: Toward a Sustainable Future Ed 12. Pearson

Wright, R and D. Boorse. 2011. Environmental science: Toward a Sustainable Future. Ed 11. Pearson

Science/ Faith /Creation Care:
Boorse, D. 2015. The Wonder of Creation. In When God and Science Meet. National Association of Evangelicals. Washington: DC.

Boorse, D.  2015. Poverty and Climate change. Chapter in: White, R. and C. Bell.  Lausanne Global Consultation on the Gospel and Creation Care. Print. 

Boorse, D. 2016. Book Review: Laudato Si: on the care of our common home.  Perspectives on Science and the Christian Faith 68(4): 266.

Boorse, D. 2014. Letters to the Climate Generation- walking with family. SOJO blog. http://sojo.net/blogs/2014/10/23/letters-climate-generation-walking-family. Oct 23, 2014.

Boorse, D. 2014. Cutting-edge findings in environmental science and their implications for Christians. Perspectives on Science and the Christian Faith. 66( 4): 194-202.

Boorse, D. 2013. An Evangelical Scientist’s Notes on Climate Change and Faith. Religion and Politics. 

Boorse, D. 2013. What I wish I had known: How the natural world sneaks into the soul. Books and Culture: March 2013

Boorse, D. 2013. A Fumbling Journey Parts I and II. Biologos. http://biologos.org/blog/a-fumbling-journey-part-1http://biologos.org/blog/a-fumbling-journey-part-2.

Boorse, D., L. Anderson, C. Shore, K. Wilson, T. Ackerman, G. Carey. J. Lyon. 2011. Loving the Least of These: Addressing a Changing Environment. National Association of Evangelicals. Washington, DC. 48 pp

Boorse, D. 2009: “Prairie Pothole Wonder” IN Thoreau’s Legacy: American Stories about Global Warming. Penguin Classics (Section III Open Spaces, in the Interactive book)

Conflicting Claims About Environmental Problems: A Primer For Non Scientists
(Creation Care 36:24-27 )

Here is a white paper response to Inhofe- to the 2008 Inhofe Minority Report on Climate Change.

Boorse, D. 2008. Creation care: religious communities and environmental action. The Review of Faith and international Affairs. 6(3):

Boorse, D. 2007. My Dream. Creation Care. Fall 2007 pg. 23.

Boorse, D. 2006 “Teaching Environmental Ethics: non-indigenous invasive species as a study of human relationships to nature. Pg 160-172 In C. Palmer [ed.] Teaching Environmental Ethics. Brill: London

Boorse, D. 2004. Teaching Environmental Ethics: Invasive Species as a Study of Human Relationships to Nature. Worldviews: Environment, Culture and Religion. 8 (2-3) : 323-335(13)

Boorse, D. 2005. Anti-aging: radical longevity, environmental impacts, and Christian theology. Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith. 57(1):55-64

Boorse, D. 2003. Overpopulation: Ecological and Biblical Principles Concerning Limitation. World Views: Environment, Culture and Religion. Vol 7 (1): 154-170.

A Review of a Part 5 of the Truth Project by Focus on the Family: Review of Truth Project, Part 5

Selection of Research with Students:
Boorse, Dorothy* and Jennifer Noseworthy 2016. Service Learning in our New England Backyard. Poster at the 2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium April 27, 2016

Denman, Blake*; Lauren Purdy; Brian Cartularo; Kylie Felix; Alexa Bragg, and Dorothy Boorse 2016. Effect of Aluminum on Breeding Success of Rana Sylvatica and Ambystoma maculatum. Poster at the 2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium April 27, 2016

Spoonhour, Joshua*; Joey Taraborrelli; Erin Walker; John Sexton; Dorothy Boorse. 2016.
Effects of road salts on spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) egg masses Poster at the 2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium April 27, 2016

Christian Garzon, Michael Lero, Ryan Williamson*, Stephen Cooper, Emily Ryan and Dorothy Boorse. 2016. Effect of Vernal Pool Calcium Concentration on Amphibian Egg Masses. Poster at the 2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium April 27, 2016

Trevor V. Mattos, Miranda Adams MacKinnon & Dorothy F. Boorse 2012. The Intersection of Gender, Education and Health: A Community-level Survey of Education and Health Outcomes for Women in Southeastern Togo. Hii Dunia is an on-line journal of development research. 

K. Hallenbeck, R. Keller, S. Gerard, K. Spaulding, D. Boorse, 2010 . Molecular analysis of spotted salamander populations: amplified fragment length polymorphism and genetic diversity’s correlation to breeding success. poster at Gordon College Undergraduate Research Symposium. Winner of best poster in Biological Sciences

Zimmerman, R. & D. Boorse. 2009. The Effects of Dissolved Oxygen and Canopy Cover on Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) Egg Mass Abundance. poster presented by student at Undergraduate Research Symposium Bridgewater State College, Nov 15, 2009.

Schetne, M. and D. Boorse 2008. The Effect of mammal Burrow Density of Egg Mass Abundance of Spotted Salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum) in Vernal Pools. poster at Gordon College Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Schetne, M. and D. Boorse 2008. Velvet Bean and Landslides: A case study of the abonera cover cropping system in Honduras and the complications of conflicting perspectives. Honors research and poster at Gordon College Undergraduate Research Symposium.