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Discovery FAQ's

How do I register for Discovery?
Incoming students that prefer Discovery over La Vida will make their course selection during the summer when they receive the GC 101 packet from Orientation. The Registrar’s Office will put you in the Quad and section that coordinates best with your schedule. You will need to check your schedule at the beginning of the semester to see what course you were placed in.

What types of activities are included in Discovery?
During the quad, the class will take part in adventure games, group initiatives, and low and high challenge course elements. The instructor or apprentices will share a devotional each class to encourage students in their faith. Students will complete 10 journal assignments that reflect on their class experiences and help them transfer that learning to their everyday lives. Additionally, they will complete a goal-setting exercise and write a 3-page final reflection paper.

How many students are in a class?
Classes range from 10-12 students with one senior leader and 1-2 teacher apprentices. These small groups allow students to be active in the group, form new friendships and learn new leadership skills.

If I'm afraid of heights, do I have to do the high ropes course?
No, not necessarily. Discovery incorporates challenges designed to promote growth and perseverance on a “challenge by choice” basis, and no one is forced to complete them.

What is meant by 'Challenge by Choice'?
You will be presented with many challenges while on Discovery, and it is up to you how you will respond to those challenges. All we ask is that you give your best effort. No experience or above average physical strength is needed—just a desire for growth, adventure and fun. Discovery has redefined success. It is not always dependent upon completing activities and is not based on comparison. Discovery creates encouraging environments that motivate students to push themselves past their preconceived limits. We do not use (nor allow others to use) peer pressure to coerce people into doing activities.

What is the Discovery weekend trip and how do I select my weekend?
Each Discovery class will have an overnight trip to New Hampshire where they will go on a hike, spend time outdoors, learn camping skills, spend time reading and reflecting, and get to know their classmates. During seasons of colder weather, the group will stay indoors. Students will find out their weekend options the first day of class. Meals, transportation, and equipment are provided during the weekend.

What if I have a food allergy or bee allergy?
If you have an allergy that requires the use of an EpiPen, you will need to bring your own EpiPen in addition to the ones the leaders carry in the first-aid kit. Our staff have handled many allergies and can accommodate most food needs. Please contact to discuss your food options. We cannot accommodate food preferences but can assist with medical dietary needs.

What if I am not outdoorsy and have never camped before?
Most people who do Discovery have never camped before. All of the Discovery class activities and the camping weekend are designed for anyone of normal health.

What if I can’t afford all the equipment? Can I borrow anything?
All group equipment is provided and Discovery has a large assortment of boots, socks and clothing that can be borrowed if you don’t have all the necessary clothing. The class will set a time for gear check out before the trip where you will be assigned your equipment.

What if I have a medical limitation?
Please contact the Director, , if you have a medical limitation that you are concerned about. There might be some modifications we can set in place in order to make the course available to you.