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Are you still searching for an area of study that excites you? At Gordon, you don’t need to declare your major right away. You may choose to explore your academic interests before settling on a major course of study—and that’s okay. Our Deciding major allows you that freedom and ensures that you don’t undergo the decision-making process alone. Our Deciding advisors are committed to helping you launch into an academic discipline in which you will thrive.

If I don’t know my major right away, can I still graduate in four years?

In most cases, this is a resounding yes. Your deciding advisor—and, once you declare a major, your faculty advisor—will help you navigate your course selections to ensure that you finish on time. If you’re leaning toward a major in the sciences, music or education, you will want to start completing the course requirements as early as possible. These majors have very well-organized course sequences, and it could be challenging to complete them all if you don’t start in your first year.

Will I be at a disadvantage by coming in as a Deciding major?

The short answer is no. In fact, if the term “deciding” accurately describes how you feel—that is, if you’re very much in the process of deciding which academic discipline(s) to home in on—you will be at an advantage. You will be connected with a community of deciding peers and advisors, and together, you will undergo an exciting journey of exploration and discernment.

What courses should I take as a Deciding major?

Tempting as it is to bulk up on Core courses, we recommend that you do not. Likewise, taking a number of random courses without a clear goal may make it hard for you to pinpoint an area of interest. So, we recommend finding a balance. In any given semester, you might take two or three courses to fulfill requirements in the Common Core and the Explorational Core, and then one or two courses in areas of study that interest you.


Cana Short

Cana Short ’17

History major, French and classical studies minors

“The fact that I was a Deciding major my first and second years enabled me to take full advantage of the liberal arts. My status as ‘deciding’ naturally predisposed me to perceive these years as a time of continued exploration. This spirit of exploration continues to influence the choices I make today, leading me to new discoveries and unexpected encounters on a daily basis.”


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