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Commencement FAQs

How long is the Baccalaureate Ceremony?
Approximately 1.5 hours

How long is the Commencement Ceremony?
Approximately 2 hours

How many people can I invite?
Each graduate is given two (2) tickets for the Baccalaureate service and four (4) tickets for the Commencement ceremony. The Commencement tickets are only necessary if the ceremony is held indoors. Graduates are not limited in the number of guests they can invite if the ceremony is held on the Quad.

Will there be beverages available after the Commencement ceremony?
Yes. The College will host a post-Commencement celebration on the quad where beverages will be provided. In the event of rain and the ceremony is held indoors, the post-Commencement celebration will not take place on the quad.

How will I find my student after the ceremony?
Department flags will be set up on the Quad. After the ceremony, students, friends and family, and faculty members can gather at their department flags.

How do I order the photos taken by the photographer on stage?
Hockmeyer Studios / Essex Commencement Photos has been retained by the College to photograph the graduates as they receive their diplomas. A couple of days after graduation, parents will receive an email from them with instructions for purchasing the photographs. See the Photographs and Video Recordings section of the website for contact information.

I need more tickets for Baccalaureate and for Commencement. How can I get them?
Students are encouraged to check with their peers to see if they are able to obtain additional tickets from those who will not use all of theirs. In the event that there are unclaimed tickets in the Registrar's office, you may ask to be put on the ticket waitlist. Contact Janet Potts at

For additional questions, please email .