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Sports Media Minor

A passion for athletics and all things media fuse in this minor that complements numerous other majors. The sports media minor will provide you with a strong foundation in the principles of sports journalism, media and communication. Your faith will be woven throughout to make you uniquely prepared to succeed in various fields related to sports media, including journalism, broadcasting, public relations and marketing. 

Why study sports media at Gordon?

At Gordon you’ll gain wide industry exposure while developing your own working style—all within the liberal arts context, which offers additional depth and breadth to make you a versatile employee. With over 20 varsity teams on campus, Gordon College is an NCAA Division III school with a thriving and dynamic athletic community. Surrounded by some of the nation’s top sports teams, in addition to a robust academic faculty with years of business and communications experience, Gordon is a unique setting to fuse your passion for sports, your faith and your love of media. 

You will be mentored by highly experienced faculty who will prepare you for excellence and meaning in your work. Join a network of connected alumni who live their faith and excel in their careers. With multiple student-run news outlets and podcasts, there are many opportunities to get your start in sports media while still on campus. Be confident in who God made you to be, prepared with the tools to make a positive impact while making a profit as you bring hope and goodness into the world. 

What careers can I pursue with a sports media minor?

This unique and growing field offers opportunities in various sports-related fields, such as:

  • Sports journalism
  • Sports broadcasting
  • Sports
  • Sports event management

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Foundational Core (12 credits)  

  • COM 101 Visual Storytelling   
  • COM 152 Media and Society  
  • COM 205 Perspectives on Communication   

Minor Core (12 credits)  

  • COM 222 Journalism in the Digital Age  
  • COM 260 Creating Sports Content  
  • COM 360 Social Media Strategy and Storytelling  

Elective Courses (4 credits, select one)   

  • COM 241 Persuasive Speaking  
  • COM 250 Audio Storytelling   
  • COM 254 Digital Media Production I  
  • COM 290 Communication and Media Law  
  • COM 320 Digital Photography (crosslisted with ART)  
  • COM 322 Digital News Workshop  
  • COM 341 Presenting Strategic Ideas  
  • COM 352 Motion Graphics (crosslisted with ART)  
  • COM 359 Web Design (crosslisted with ART)   
  • COM 360 Social Media Strategy and Storytelling  
  • COM 365 Video Storytelling for Marketing  
  • COM 405 Practicum  
  • ECB 273 Introduction to Sport and Recreation Management  
  • ECB 365 Critical Issues on Sport


For more information contact:

Dr. Christine Gardner 
Chair, Department of Communication Arts, Theatre and Art 
P 978 867 4397

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