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Exploring your calling is as much about pursuing what interests you as it is about knowing what doesn’t. The Career and Connection Institute (CCI) is here to coach you through that process, help you form a plan and connect you with opportunities.

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The Go-to for Your How-tos

CCI is here for every student and every stage of the career journey—from the overachiever to the overwhelmed. Maybe you’re struggling to know where to begin. Maybe you know a lot about your interests and passions but less about how and where to apply them. Maybe you’ve already mapped out your plan and just need help connecting with opportunities. Wherever you’re starting, CCI can help you take the next step.

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Resources for Underrepresented Students

If you are a student from an underrepresented group, you can use these pages to find professional contacts, resources and organizations that complement your values, identity and educational background. Take a look around!

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compassDiscover your passions

Before you determine what you’ll do, spend time discovering who you are.

  • Talent assessments
  • On-campus jobs
  • Academic major exploration
  • Career exploration events

compassDevelop your gifts

Pick up your pen and start on some rough story drafts.

  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Mock interviews
  • Information interviews
  • Internship placements

Director's cutDirect your future

Once you’ve tried a few things, lean into one and see where it takes you.

  • LinkedIn profile and connections
  • Networking events
  • Job and grad school applications
  • Internship placements

Follow us to see what we're planning for you:

Wislene Augustin

The Calling and Career Conference has taught me that my work is my worship. Whatever I decide to do with my life vocationally whether that is in a church, in the justice system or in a hospital, the work I do is worship to God. My faith influences my life and my life influences my faith, it is all blended into one.
Christian Ministries/Psychology Major

Brendan Sweeny

Having the experience and the network that I developed during my internship has helped me seamlessly transition into my new job, and has made me much more comfortable with taking on additional responsibilities early on. In my mind, a college experience really isn't complete without the practical work experience that an internship provides.
Political Science and Government/Business Administration Major

Grecia Beltran

I learned more about what I'm passionate about, my strengths, even my weaknesses, and where I want to use my degree when I graduate. It has been so sweet to learn more and get more involved.
Political Science and Government Major